Peter Thomson

Yesterday we learned of the sad passing of Peter Thomson, who posted here and elsewhere under the name of Pensioner (By my reckoning he made about 150 comments on this site).

I never did meet Peter, although last year we corresponded a fair amount. At one point he suggested meeting for a glass of fine wine to discuss matters Fulham, and specifically writing about Fulham, but like so many of these good ideas it never happened. I’m really disappointed about that. I still have his “Following the Fulham” books to read, which is something.

By way of a sort of tribute, the following are some of the emails Peter sent me. You might feel that this is a little invasive, but they are so unique, interesting, funny, barmy, and yes, downright eccentric, that I think.. well I don’t know what I think. I hope their reproduction isn’t taken the wrong way.

So, ladies and gentlemen: the wonderful Peter Thomson.  Rest in peace.

(On learning that his Notts County match report for this site had been
mentioned in the “Black and White Eye” section of the next matchday

Fame after 59 season following the Fulham?

Perhaps I can borrow a prog. Having treated Mrs Pensioner on
Valentine’s Day plus gifted Eurocopy by guest on Thursday I meanly
failed to stump this p.m

Given your genius with IT perhaps you would very kindly scan and post.

Failing that my son in law usually has a prog

What a week……..what a week and so back to school in the morning
where even the hundreds of CFC fans will have a kindly word for us
when they have done with Drogbarapture.

Best wishes and thanks

My thanks for the tip off
Mrs Pensioner less pleased as she assumed that B and W Eye would be
more concerned with County choir

best wishes


Dear Rich
Do you have your man in Turin?
I am on the VACATION CLUB plane and am ready to send some observations
if you are not at the match yourself

Mrs Pensioner has opted out as no overnight stay plus her book club Thursday pm
Once upon a time you could be certain that Thursday was football free
but EuroTV has arrived to complicate that once sacrosanct evening.


Dear Rich

Many thanks

If I can keep awake after VACATION CLUB in and out (no hotel) dawn
landing I will send you text before going to work on Friday morning

Mrs Pensioner unable to travel as it is her book club and she chose
the book………..

Must attempt to avoid RED CARDS
How such a well behaved team in Pmship could suffer such penalties in
Europe is a mystery

Again my thanks for contact restored

Down but not out

You refer to the match. I refer to the Fulham fans out there.
Yes – we were less than happy with the first half but the colour, the
banners and the banter were very remarkable. Certainly we outsang Juve
throughout and even after the customary lock in at the final whistle.
Instead of “Why are we waiting?” It was a mighty blast of “We’ll win
it 2-0! We’ll win it TWO – NIL”

Gallows humour? Perhaps but humour in adversity and duly noted by MS
and Brede who went the extra mile/200yards to thank the travelling

0439 hours and via Gatwick  back at my desk. Almost time for school
hence the good Dean Colet’s Erasmian quip -“Falling down despair not.
Ever take a fresh new good purpose”

Va bene Fulham



“Home thoughts from abroad”

Posted by dawn patrol




Three paras were posted to you at 0439hrs direct from Gatwick

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! perhaps pressed wrong buttons as fell asleep at my desk

Will write again this p.m.

You can imagine the reception  I got from Chelsea/Man Utd/Arsenal kids
in playground.
T’was ever thus

Peter Thomson

Buzzing in Barnes

Three different conversations in school  16th March
Dave Swindlehurst (football coach ex Palace ex Hammers) “Juve won’t
fancy such a narrow pitch”
Senora E B ” Fulham v Juve – my first ever football match”
Francesco (9 years) “Juve my team. Me and my three brothers – we have
tickets, We are really, really excited”

Email from NZ pensioner _ “Flyimg back for the big game 18th March”

This Pensioner – apprehensive having counted on Murphy to motivate,
direct and create.
Early goal essential- Dempsey?  Duff to score a brilliant second as
for Everton as for Birmingham.

Viz  TOOFIF “We can dream, we can dream”

See you all there, hear you all there
E pur si muove……..muove, muove!


Morning Rich

Following the Fulham 1951-2001

Not many big nights in Europe
33 years in the wilderness
Two big away wins – Goodison to beat Everton in 1975 and Stamford
Bridge to beat Chelsea in 1979 and one great night out as we stumbled
into FA Cup Final with a late, late scrappy goal.

Let’s hope for any sort of early goal this evening.

As Mr Adams would say – SOLA FIDE



Morning Rich

Congratulations on both your essays 18th March

Buzzing in Barnes
Still buzzing after an extraordinary week
This time 11th March we were down – very down after a long day in
Turin and an underperformance at
Stadio Olimpico. Then to Old Trafford………just what we didn’t
need. And so to the Cottage where we
seemed to hand it to Juve with that early goal. My guest (the great
Ken Coton) sighed and pointed to the exit but with this Fulham the sum
is indeed greater than the parts and the impossible was achieved.

Ken Coton and I have been around Fulham since 1951 and we stumbled
into other pensioners after the
game – David Shrimpton whose grandfather founded the club. General
agreement that this was the night of nights. Even the less than loyal
Alan Mullery declared it as good as anything he had ever seen from

“Will they wear pink?” They came in gold that golden team but some
must be pink with blushing now.

Off to school and then for a quiet Saturday on the allotment ahead of
the other team from Manchester.
Voltaire advocates the cultivation of the garden. Hodgson cultivates
the Cottage garden and harvests
in March. Our thanks yet again to manager Roy and (good to see back on
the pitch) chairman MO.

va bene maestro



Morning Rich

Let me take you back to another night when we knew it couldn’t go
right for Fulham
Owing to weeks of snow the final fixture was after the Cup Final. One
promotion place left. Fulham v Chelsea? No Fulham v Lincoln City, 2nd
v 3rd in the days of two up and no play-offs.

1-1 with 15 mins to go and Fulham;s captain and defender LES STRONG
limping off. Send for teenage
striker Tempest (what a name) to weather the storm as Lincoln
battered us. Hammersmith End under siege for what seemed like an age.
Tempest twice cleared off the line. Percy post and Billy bar performed
as they did for Juve on Thursday. 3rd division crowd of 21,000 howling
for final whistle terrified that Lincoln would get a thoroughly
deserved late, late winner. They didn’t thanks to improvisation
( viz Simon Davies born again out of position Thursday}

See Ken Coton photos  of  Roger Brown (blood and cigars)

fast fwd to Derby and last match of season
Mrs Pensioner smuggled me out of Speech Day in cap and gown. (viz
Clockwise and vanishing headmaster}
Raced to Baseball Ground for second promotion and return to top table
Pitch invasion by Derby. Fulham players assaulted. match abandoned.
Replay neutral ground? Ho,ho,ho    too little and too late Derby
fined. Result to stand and Fulham to fall, fall, fall apart.

Ernie Clay sold club and 12 players (Ray Lou/Tony Gale etc)

Win some, lose some. Elation, depression. Seldom boring.

Sorry have not met John Cheever but have staggered through H Mantel WOOLF HALL
A difficult read tho well researched. Might send a copy to Sir Roy for
his book club.

Dreading reaction of tired limbs and minds v Man City and Spurs but
looking fwd to Larkin about in Larkin land next Saturday.



Am off to Hanover and VW XI so happy to send report from those parts

NOT going to WHL
Went there for the Bazza Hayles show when we won 3-0 and I vowed never to return

TV for the Pensioners who once saw Max Bygraves sing and dance there
before match
We had a good goal disallowed and lost 1-0 only to see replay after
relay with pundit commenting” Bad luck Fulham that looked a good goal”




Busy packing again

Pensioner plus son-in-law plus grandson all aboard for Hanover

Do you have your man in the (VW) van with pen poised?
If not please allow me to send you some lines

Probably from home early Friday unless son-in-law sends you text via his phone

Mood in camp not as positive as I would wish.
Too many fans muttering about the late, late German goal

Wir gegen nach VW              Fulham, Fulham uber alles

Best wishes


Words in the morning……………

from the V.W.  ARENA 8th April 2010

Fergie called it:  “Typical Germans”
How right he was – get an away goal, defend that advantage
efficiently, move on to the next round.

Fulham with Teutonic thoroughness disposed of the Geman champions.
One moment of early brilliance from Gera and Zamorra – very early brilliance.
One moment of late brilliance from MS – very late brilliance by a
wonderful goalkeeper.
In the meantime, in between time a thoroughly professional performance
from the whole team.

Davies moved forward to cover for the injured Dempsey and Baird
settled in at right back (very settled)

Difficult to pick our man of the match……BZ or Gera? Gera or BZ?
Easy to identify the most improved player ……Etuhu

Some scores appended as seen from on high in the crow’s nest of the V.W. Arena
Those withe benefit of TV close ups and replays may correct these
fading (tear filled) old eyes

MS 9, Baird,7, Hughes 7, Brede 7, Konch 7, Duff 8, Etuhu 7, Murphy 7,
Davies 7, Gera 9, BZ 9.

Final word for the travelling fans – Congratulations.
A huge noise. All the old favourites from the away day songbook, all
the old favourites from the Hammersmith End Hymnal plus long , long
after the final whistle and indeed all the way to Clapham Junction at
0349hrs: “Roy, Roy, Roy…….Roy, Roy, Roy!”


Sorry about the delay
Mrs Pensioner insisted that I take a snooze on reaching the old folks
home in Mortlake
Three generations of the family were there to see it and believe it.
Wir gegen nach Wolsburg, wir gegen nach Hamburg.

11 thoughts on “Peter Thomson

  1. I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen him commenting for a while. So sad to hear, my thoughts are with his family. Wonderful writing style that always made me smile, thanks for sharing Rich.

  2. Rich, thanks for sharing this. As someone who knew Peter very well from my time at school, I have to say that these comments are very reflective of the man.

    Whilst at school, he was incredible in helping me through a very difficult time of my life, and for this I will be eternally grateful. He was a kind, charming, intelligent and witty person, and his loss will be felt my many.

    Here’s to a wonderful gentleman, and a true Fulham supporter.

    RIP Peter.

  3. His ‘Pensioner’ posts were one of the highlights of this blog. Loved his references to ‘Mrs. Pensioner’. Never met him, but he seemed like a real character. Thoughts to ‘Mrs.Pensioner’ and his family.

    1. Agreed 100%. Loved his posts and references to Mrs. Pensioner. The reaction on TiFF is remarkable. These are just from Fulham fans who go to the site! Cannot imagine how many people his life positively affected.

  4. many thanks for posting these observations from a true Fulham fan – i know exactly where he is coming from having been there since 1957, oh the joys? of supporting this wonderful Football club – RIP and much condolence to “Mrs.Pensioner”

  5. Oh wow… I saw word of his passing on TIFF but didn’t know the handle to go with the name. RIP Peter and condolences to Mrs. Pensioner.

  6. See this from TIFF:

    # Peter Thomson — Papa, Friday, May 06, 04:24:08pm (NoHost/
    Just thought I’d let you lot know that Peter Thomson’s obituary will be published in the programme for the Liverpool game on Monday. Can’t remember the last time I bought a programme at a game, but I certainly will be this week.

    RIP Peter.

    1. Wow, that’s incredible! I wish I’d met him, he always seemed like the voice of whimsical reason. I’ll be sure to raise a glass to him later tonight.

  7. Dear Fulham fans,

    I came across your Newsround when I heard about Peter. I did know him personally, and indeed the lovely Mrs Pensioner used to work with me! Peter was a hugely distinguished teacher and Headmaster and absolutely charming bloke. You have lost an exceptional fan. Remember him with pride.

  8. Sorry to hear of Peter’s passing. Always enjoyed his comments and his dedication in following Fulham wherever we played throughout the world. He will be missed.

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