A year ago today (the last one I swear)

After the match ended, I took a walk in the pouring rain for a good 20 minutes around Fells Point, Baltimore. I still haven’t seen the awards ceremony.

3 thoughts on “A year ago today (the last one I swear)

  1. neither have I as it goes. I legged it out of the ground, back to the tube, back to the car, back to Berlin, back to Blighty where I had to be in Leeds that evening… knackered.

  2. That picture says it all, seems like a lifetime ago.

    I was thinking the other day I’ve not seen any replay of the game. All of my memories are from my head. A great day despite the result.

  3. I hardly remember anything from that game. The whole evening passed in a blurry mixture of excitement and nerves. From trying to figure out if Zamora would start and later if he would finish, to wandering through the Athletico Madrid part of the Fanzone on the way to the Reaperbahn.

    My only real memory has been the two sets of fans. Both were superb and I’ve huge respect for the Athletico fans who seemed so gracious in victory. I remember racing against a car full of Spaniards along the autobahn from Berlin. We won that particular contest.

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