London last week

My job is in a place not especially well served by the tube. Well it is, but I have to make a few changes, so usually in the morning I get off about a mile away and walk. This is pretty good fun, in that it gives me 20 minutes of walking, fresh air and music, as well as the niceness of seeing London before it’s busy (I’m usually out and about at 730am or so – get the day out of the way and back to Hade and Stan by 530). Anyway, it makes London feel pretty good.   I rarely get round to taking pictures, but here are a few, meaning little:

Fig.1.0:  must’ve been a hell of a party.  Oh, it’s a restaurant is it?  My mistake.

Fig.1.1 – Here we have some pretty clever work by a street cleaner, gathering a load of cigarette butts with a face mask. Art.

Fig.1.2. Next is the side of a restuarant (The Shaftesbury Bar and Dining Room), strangely covered in water on a dry, sunny day. What can it all mean?  I have no answer to this question.

Fig.1.3. Last but not least is Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is a) very nice and b) quite present in literature.  It’s in Dickens’ Bleak House, and I also found it in Geoffrey Household’s excellent Rogue Male.   And something else, which I’ve forgotten.  Anyway, there we are.

One thought on “London last week

  1. Lincoln’s Inn Fields – Woman in White by Wilkie Collins? I’m sure it gets a mention.

    And the picture of the drain cover – in Spain a lot have ‘Fabregas’ printed on them as opposed to Ductile or whatever.

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