It can take a while to get going

Away form since 2007/08:

August P7 W1 D2 L4
September P5 W0 D3 L2
October P7 W0 D5 L2
November P8 W0 D4 L4
December P10 W1 D4 L5
January P10 W0 D2 L8
February P8 W0 D6 L2
March P7 W1 D2 L4
April P9 W4 D3 L2
May P5 W3 D0 L2

2 thoughts on “It can take a while to get going

  1. A very interesting and damning set of stats. The theory of there being easy games at the end of the season might apply although some of our victories have come against teams who were still fighting for something. My view is that our approach became bolder in these games, either because we had to (2007/8), or we could afford to (the other three seasons).

    Without going overboard a la Blackpool, we might have expected Mark Hughes’s loosening of the “Hodgson Handbrake” to have born fruit a little earlier. I think without Zamora’s injury it would have done. Interesting too how West Brom do not seem as inhibited by Roy’s approach as we were.

    1. I can recall at least two when the teams we beat were fighting for something – Birmingham this season and Newcastle a couple of years back. We effectively relegated them both.

      So perhaps the away thing has been more to do with our own mindset than anyone else’s – it seems we free up a bit when we know we’re safe.

      Having said that, I like to think that Hughes is changing this… even early on in the season we were unlucky not to pick up a win, and our away record after the Stoke game (monkey off back) has been a healthy W2 D4 L4, with the losses at Spurs, Man Utd, Liverpool and Everton all by a single goal.

      I was at Birmingham and it was impressive – almost weird – just how assured we looked. Granted they were woeful but I don’t think I’ve ever seen us look so ‘at home’ in another Premiership team’s ground. Will be intersting to see what happens next year.

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