6 thoughts on “FIFA being FIFA

  1. Is it me, or does it seem like only the English speaking world (England, USA, Australia) is making a stink about FIFA? Are other nations and FAs more accepting of corruption, or are we just a collective of poor losers? Or both?

    I heard a great bit on BBC radio today about how FIFA executives don’t need to be responsible to anyone because they aren’t: there is no electorate or government to which they must answer. Blatter and company hold onto their positions as long as they can, making poor countries like SA pay for new stadiums, never paying taxes, and sitting on top of somethin like 600 million Eurodollars that just sits in a Swiss bank- money that could go to football development and health clinics in developing nations.

    Scandal aside,

  2. WC scandal aside, who would want to put up with that kind of situation? And why?

    (sorry for two posts, sometimes typing on my phone can be harrowing.)

  3. “Who would want to put up with that kind of situation?”

    The member FAs who are mostly either corrupt or inept and are all self serving elites. Our FA is angry because we didn’t get the World Cup despite our throwing money at voters. Not bribes of course just incentives and goodwill seeking.

    Reforming FIFA is a nonsense because first the member FAs must be reformed but the leading clubs aren’t interested in that.

    It’s a very big money trough with room for all to feed.

    Blatter will retire soon to be replaced by a reformer. To see how that will work out read Animal Farm.

      1. Un. Real.

        That being said, I can’t be surprised that countries voted this way. They do want to keep getting their bribes…excuse me…favourable monetary incentives.

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