Rich’s suggested successor: Paul Lambert

Well it’s early of course, but Stanley’s asleep so I might as well strike while the iron’s hot.

Tim will doubtlessly have his own ideas so I won’t call this a CCN suggestion, but to me it has to be Lambert.

Managers seem to fall into a few categories:

  • Those who cannot manage (lots in this group – don’t last long)
  • Those who do no harm (most in this group)
  • Those who are really good (very few in this group)

I’m not sure how common it might be to move through these hypothetical groupings, but to me management is all about achievement.  And Paul Lambert has achieved.

Fulham will want a successful manager to keep up the good work Hodgson and Hughes have started.  What they will not want is to be burned again as a stepping stone. I would argue that all “really good” managers would be a significant risk for “Doing a Hodgson/Hughes”.  So what you want is a “do no harm” manager on the up.  I believe that this man is Paul Lambert.

Lambert has achieved two consecutive promotions with an ordinary looking Norwich City team. That’s what it’s about: results!  He also has that nice playing career profile of having been good but not that good, while experiencing a few different footballing environments.

So it’s Lambert for me.  Norwich won’t want to lose him, but football is increasingly a dog eat dog world.  Our dog has been eaten for the last two off-seasons; it’s time to attack someone else’s. Lambert for Fulham!

Who do you want?


33 thoughts on “Rich’s suggested successor: Paul Lambert

  1. I would love Paul Lambert, and would have no qualms about poaching him from Norwich, but I really doubt he will come. If this was next season and he had just kept them up/just taken them down then we would have a good chance. At the moment? I think he wants to ‘finish’ the job he has started at Norwich.

    Managers I would love, but we wouldnt get:

    Marcelo Bielsa – the footballing romantic, might be scary but would be great fun!
    Carlo Ancelotti – Would never happen, but he is one of my favourite managers
    Louis Van Gal – Quality manger, has managed smaller sides before

    Managers I think we will be in for:

    Martin Jol – My ‘realistic’ choice. Did well at Spurs playing good football. Would suit Fulham
    Martin o’neill – I think MAF will bring him in, but being greedy, I am not overawed by him
    Steve McClaren – Looks to have learned something whilst in Holland/Germany but could still be a disaster.

  2. Lambert is a great call.

    My outside shout is Sean O’Driscoll. I think he’d also fit into the do no harm category, though may be more of a gamble. I like that he’s stuck by his clubs (first Bournemouth the Doncaster Rovers), done well on a limited budget and played good football at the same time.

    I’d be happy with O’Neill too. Think he’d be compatible with our current squad & style and he is a bit of a character too.

    Not sure I could stomach Jol.

    Would be suicidal if it were Mclaren.

    1. Lee Clark and O’Driscoll would be nice FFC selections, Clark has had success recently and I think I’m right in thinking that O’Driscoll’s teams are renowned for playing good football.

      O’Neill will bring the same intelligence we enjoyed with Roy, and perhaps the same sort of football.

      I quite like Maclaren but not really Jol. It feels like an important decision doesn’t it? Get it wrong and the good players are off and we’re back to square one (or 2007 at least.)

      1. I wonder what would stop Fulham from hiring Jol now? He was set in stone less than a year ago before Ajax blocked it. Of the three additions to Hodgson’s roster who actually earned playing time this year (Salcido, Dembele, Sidwell), two were brought in from the Netherlands. You’d assume the remaining players are either mature enough or, by now, used to managerial changes that it shouldn’t effect much.

        McClaren might not be bad either. Only jumped from Boro for the England job. Similarly familiar with, and successful in, the Eredivse. What a great league to farm offensive talent from, alas for them.

        I imagine Chairman Mo going for a more cosmopolitan appointment than Lambert, but I do like the suggestion. Something that makes people sit up and take notice. Like wooing Mark Hughes or building a Michael Jackson statue.

  3. What about Chris Hughton? Seemed to be doing a nice job at Newcastle and his sacking from that job was widely perceived as absurd. Would presumably be anxious to get back into management. On the other hand, doesn’t have nearly as much of a track record as most of the guys being mentioned, and Mo may not want to trust the club to someone fairly unproven.

  4. I want Jol for three reasons:

    1. To continue the more open play style Hughes brought to the team;

    2. To perhaps bring some improvements to the youth development; and

    3. He totally looks like Shrek. You can just imagine him losing his temper and screaming “Donkey!”

    I also like O’neill & Hughton, but not too keen on McClaren. He’s too blonde.

    Sparky used to be high on my list until the past 48 hours. He seemed like the kind of manager that made players believe in themselves again, kinda like how Big Sam has done that with Anelka and Gudjonsen. Now he seems like the kind of manager who isn’t in it for the love of the game. Of course, money plays a role in all decisions any human makes these days, but something about how he resigned I find distasteful.

  5. I like it. He seems to be constantly improving as a manager, and the success with Norwich has been *very* impressive. Norwich would hate us forever…don’t know how I feel about that :/

    Whoever it is though, I think we’ll be alright. I really believe in this group of players, and I think that they can win with just about anybody.

  6. Jol would be my choice out of the managers named and given what happend a year ago I am sure he would be high up the list with Chariman Mo.

    Re: Hughes?
    I agree with much of what has been written. I never felt like he was really ‘our’ manager and there was an element of him gracing us with his presence. I did like his style of play and wuld have be very happy to have him here next season but I wish him well, though a part of me kinda hoping he flops in his next role though : ).
    If you look at managers and players who have made a mark at Fulham and then switched in search of bigger/better things they do not have a very good track record. In recent years I can only think of Van Der Sar who has suceeded – other have not received game time (Malbranque/Davis/Boa Morte/Bouba Diop)or been plagued by injuries (Davis/Saha) or just gone down the drain (Hodgson/Konchecky.)

  7. O’Neill for me.

    Experience, charisma and integrity. He’s available, knows the Board and has never failed. I think he’d be a good fit – just eccentric enough for us and likely to stay if he’s happy. He won’t go looking for new challenges.

    With Jol the simple question is whether MAF feels he dicked him around last summer or whether the fault was with Ajax. He’s either the last person we’d appoint or equal favourite with O’Neill.

    1. O’Neill left Wycombe for Norwich and then jumped off after a few months for Leicester. I think we’ve had enough of that sort of loyalty.

  8. On the positive side … At least we will fill a week or two of the off season with speculation of who the new manager will be and then analysis of the choose. Before you know it we will be back playing again! Btw … Does anyone know when the schedule for 2011/12 will be published?

  9. I’m not sure we need an “up and coming” manager with no experience in the top fight and no experience in managing a team through a European campaign. I really think we should be looking up a bit.

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