The last two days in photos

Below the line…

7am this morning: carpets on Tooting High St

745am this morning: carpets on Shaftesbury Avenue. What is going on?

Also this morning, 730am, Leicester Square: Godzilla?

Yesterday. at work: department of unecessary signage:

Tonight, the pub: Stanley sizes up recent events:


PS: Robbie Savage:

Savage’s reputation for being a joker precedes him but he is desperate to be taken seriously, and for that reason will be careful about the opportunities he accepts, especially when he has his eyes on becoming a regular pundit on Match of the Day and a captain on Question of Sport. “I’ve been offered Celebrity Big Brother but that’s not the way I want to go,” he says. “Skating on Ice is not really me either, but Strictly Come Dancing is a wonderful show. I’m horrendous at dancing but I think if you do Strictly, you go on to another level, and that’s a level I have never been at.”

5 thoughts on “The last two days in photos

  1. Good man, Stanley! It’s never too early to start taking your kid to the pub, particularly if he has a lifetime of going to watch Fulham ahead of him – he’ll need a drink or two when he’s old enough! Is he already drinking pints (of orange juice, I presume)?

  2. Great photos, Rich. I used to wander around New York with one of those old cameras you have to look down at. Just like you, I would see great things to snap. But my pics sucked.

    How are we doing on the Review???

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