With friends like these…

… just what kind of a man are you?

I refer you to Kia Joorabchian.  We all know him as the Geppetto to Carlos Tevez’s Pinocchio, but I hadn’t realised just what a shady sounding fellow Joorabchian is.  Read his Wikipedia (I know) entry for more.

It sounds more than a little shifty, a tale of much cloak and daggery.

And this was the man Mark Hughes chose to represent him.

6 thoughts on “With friends like these…

  1. Love this last bit:

    “An analysis of Joorabchian’s other business interests undertaken by the Financial Times in 2006 suggested that he was at that time a director of 10 UK companies, many of them lossmaking, including Karmaa Racing, a horse racing company, and Karmaa, a kick-boxing club in Chalk Farm, London. His largest listed interest was at that time a car dealership, Greens of Rainham”

    Arfur Daley?

  2. Hopefully Hughes will have left on his advice and will not struggle to get a job.

    Worst piece of advice since Schillings told Ryan Giggs to sue Twitter.

  3. the eptitome of all thats bad about the game, if Blatter had an agent this would surely be the man. In amongst the info – negotiated for a takeover of Fulham in 2007, god no this couldn’t happen…

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