5 thoughts on “Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal! It’s Jol

  1. This is big time stuff ! Still cant quite get my head round the fact that my little ‘ol Fulham isnt so little anymore. Amazing work by the board…..but surely this has been planned. Hughes pushed ? Anyway, cant wait to sing JOL JOL JOL to Woys song. Happy days.

  2. We finally get the man we wanted in the first place. Hopefully the Houghton as assistant rumours are true and we’ll have the Spurs team reunited. I can’t say I’m 100% sure in Jol, but this us the man our executive team clearly wanted to replace hodgson (the two year deal with option yo extend is proof of that) so I like his chances to succeed and to get the backing he needs.

    One final thought on Hughes. It’s hard to nieman fault him for leaving us how and when he dud. Other than the question of what to do with his large backroom staff, he’s enabled as smooth a transition as possible and done it without being set another jib it seems.

  3. A great appointment. I had convinced myself to like Hughes but actually over the last couple of days I have realised how little I cared for him (in contrast I always look out for Roy). It may be the end for our great captain as he didnt get a chance at Spurs but if you were callous you would say he reaching the end anyway. The players will respect him too. Very good news.

  4. Congratulations Fulham on the Martin Jol appointment. A Jol/Hughton partnership would be wonderful and should also give you a lot of grudging support from Tottenham fans!

  5. Donkey!

    With Jol’s attacking approach perhaps we are about to see the return of the Riverside Rockets. This guy’s win percentage is sick.

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