Revisiting the predictortron

I was very pleased that my predictortron got Fulham’s final points tally about right (it said 47; Fulham got 49).

So I thought I’d run it on the entire division to see what happened.  This assumes I’d run it at the start of the season, incidentally – no hindsight tweaks.

The points were all off a bit – nobody guessed that this would be the year when top teams struggled and bottom teams won – but the rankings aren’t too bad.

The misses:

WBA – without Hodgson’s messing I think this might’ve been okay
Newcastle – predictortron thought they’d struggle more, but it’s a credit to Chris Hughton and Alan Pardew’s work that the spreadsheet was so confounded
Birmingham, West Ham, Sunderland – Birmingham messed up, West Ham got relegated with a team of internationals, Sunderland I’m not sure what happened.  Predictorton should’ve been better, but to be fair, they’ve been quite cack for a while.
Blackburn sacked Big Sam. Nothing predictortron could do about that.

Overall: not bad.

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