Formerly the warlocks

Adam Spangler has this great piece up on the rebranding of the Kansas City Wizards.

It’s a really interesting behind the scenes look at the team as was and the team as is.  Sporting Kansas City does seem a bit strange at first, but I can see why they liked it, too (NB Kansas City United got turned down by MLS! – they already had a United).

Anyway, highly recommended.  There’s even a brief appearance from Eddie Johnson.

The brand new Livestrong Park.

4 thoughts on “Formerly the warlocks

  1. On the topic of name changes, when West Ham were bidding for the Olympic Stadium, Karen Brady proposed that they could rename themselves ‘West Ham Olympic’ to the derision of fans. I actually quite liked the proposed name.

    People often get funny about this kind of thing, I am sure there would be a huge backlash if Fulham proposed a name change. I am not sure what I would think, I guess it all depends on what the new name was…

  2. I love, love, love the new stadium and don’t mind the colors. But the name and badge are just silly.

    The brand identity blog Brand New had a pretty good take down of Sporting KC’s new logo.

    Rationalizations aside, the new logo is a poor interpretation of the familiar crest approach that European Football Clubs — not Sporting Clubs — use. The elements are too disconnected in style and weight to form a cohesive whole. What bothers me the most is the bounding shape that creates a balloon shape more than a crest giving everything an overly cartoonish look.

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