Lunchtime Fight Club: London

This was taken at about 12:20 a couple of days ago.  Between the trees is a man, some kind of personal trainer, and a woman, wearing boxing gloves. She has presumably paid god knows what for the privilege of hitting him (he has his own gloves designed to absorb her punches) for half an hour, in front of half of London too (the park gets very busy).  Is she not self-concious?* Could she not just shadow box in her spare room at home?  The correct answer is “none of your business, to each their own” of course.  But I just don’t understand. 

*it’s like those people who go jogging on match days, then try to run against the flow through Bishop’s Park. A) stupid move and B) have you no shame, running around in all your tight gear past lots of football goers?

Anyway…. slow news day.

3 thoughts on “Lunchtime Fight Club: London

  1. Yes. Often thought this “Personal Training” lark is a great con. No premises required – just meet your client at the local park. No overhead, electricity, gas, office staff. You stand there barking orders at the sucker, sorry, client, who does all the hard work and is too dim to think up an exercise routine of their own. Then at the end, they pay you and leave you alone for another few days without bothering you. Genius.

    Of course they’re not embarassed to be seen in public. That’s one of the attractions ‘Look at me, I can afford a personal trainer”.

  2. On the note of running against the flow – have nothing but contempt for those morons who slip out before half time to beat the refreshment queues and then block the exits trying to get back in just as everyone else is trying to get out… gaaah!

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