Odds n ends

What with nothing much happening in Fulham-land, please indulge a little more notmuchness.

First, if you like fiction, why not try my friend Matthew’s collection of stories, “Washed Up”?  You can download it for free here.  Matthew sells books for a living so knows his onions, and how to write.

Also highly recommended if you’re in or around London is the Idler Academy.  The Idler has been an important and influential magazine for a long time (a new issue is out soon)  but now Tom and his people have branched out.  The Academy runs all kinds of interesting events, which I really must make an effort to attend at some point.

But for now I am happy to have visited the shop. Hade, Stanley and I were out and about in London on my day off yesterday and after deciding against London Zoo (heavy rain) elected to do Hamleys (which was okay but a bit OTT) and then the academy. With no obvious tube option at 5pm with a baby and buggy (we were at Oxford Circus) we hot-footed it to a bus stop, caught the number 23 to Westbourne Park, and made it round before closing time.  The shop has a nice line of books on a pleasing range of subjects, and we picked up a couple.

Then we wandered back towards Warwick Avenue tube via the Grand Union canal. It’s days like these that make London easy to love. We weren’t able to do what we’d originally planned, saved £40 (zoo ticket prices! Ow!) and had a better time just seeing new parts of the capital and whizzing around on the tube (it’s amazing what having a smiley baby can do for tube journeys).

Allen & Son: Squirrel Hunters.

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