All white now?

Since 1903 Fulham have worn white shirts and black shorts. That’s 108 seasons worth of a combination that seems to work pretty well.

Now we’re going to be wearing white shirts and white shorts.

I was about to write that I’m speechless.  I’m not speechless, but I am aghast.  Or at least taken aback.  Well it just feels like the wrong thing to have done.

Of course in the big scheme of things the colour of our shorts doesn’t matter. But in the big scheme of things football doesn’t matter either.

Somehow it feels like this does matter. A team’s kit is its brand, what it stands for. Every year I expect Wigan to go down, in part because their kit is always so wishy washy, never one thing or another.  Bolton are in danger this season for the same reason.  You get your kit wrong, you are asking for trouble.  At least in my mind.

Fulham are white-black-white. Always have been. To change is to do exactly that: change. This is either a long-term shift to some kind of new Fulham or a short-term shift because some creative twerp at Kappa decided it might be a good idea, and someone at Fulham signed off the design without looking at it.

All white. That means two things: Real Madrid and Leeds United. In 1961 Don Revie changed Leeds’ kit from yellow and blue to all white to copy Real Madrid’s 60s wonder-team.  It worked, and Leeds went on a rampage that saw them almost win almost everything for the next 15 years or so.  Real Madrid you know about. So that’s quite a precedent.

Even so… this feels dangerous.

20 thoughts on “All white now?

  1. And now you know how we all felt when you changed the blog layout and design.

    NO consultation. NO warning. NO feeling for traditional values.

    Will the world never stop changing.

  2. Sorry Rich, but I really cannot get angry or even mildly perturbed about this.

    There is still black on the kit, but as more of a finishing trim than a main feature, and the away kit is 100% black.

    The kit looks smart, which is always the main thing anyway.

    I think this is a bit like complaining that for 90 years we never had a 3rd shirt, but then we got one.

  3. screw it…i will use this as a reason to appoint jol to sainthood without having accomplished anything. but we will look divine in the all white, until there are those impossible to clean grass stains appear.

  4. As a confirmed traditionalist and someone who generally handles change poorly …

    … I kind of like it!

    Might have to re-write that Keith Allen song though.

    “We’re not Real Madrid,
    but we do have a kit that looks very much like theirs”

    Hmm, needs work on the scan I think.

  5. there are two things in it for me.

    first, the all white just doesn’t look right. not proper fulham. it looks too much like the sort of kit bolton would have, and that can’t be a good thing.

    the second is those is those skintight kappa shirts. great if you’re in the flush of youth and athletic…not so good for the less than buff middle aged fan like my good self. i’d look like a badly stuffed sausage.

    and what’s with the 1920’s shorts (or at least that’s how the linked picture above made them look)?

  6. We’ve gone all white in a few matches before though, most notably away at Watford in the 2006-07 season. And wasn’t there a few in 2007-08?

    1. it’s one thing to wear it in an emergency. No concerns with that – goodness, I’m sure I’ve seen France in green shirts in some distant world cup. But the main kit…. just seems so wrong.

  7. No, no, no. It’s just not right. It’s bad enough having all those daft flashes, panels, swirls etc. and as you suggest it has probably been done by some twerp with no feeling for the club and its traditions. But then if you sell your soul to the devil……..

    P.S. Should I change my moniker to “The Old Fart”?

  8. Don’t care about the away kit, but our HOME colours are:

    WHITE shirts

    BLACK shorts

    Anything else is plain wrong.

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