Odds n ends

What with nothing much happening in Fulham-land, please indulge a little more notmuchness. First, if you like fiction, why not try my friend Matthew’s collection of stories, “Washed Up”?  You can download it for free here.  Matthew sells books for a living so knows his onions, and how to write. Also highly recommended if you’re… More Odds n ends

The First Step(s)

The first step in this indeterminable Europa journey begins next in two Thursdays when the club travels to the Faroe Islands to take on NSÍ Runavík, who finished third in the Faroe Islands Premier League last year. As in, literally last year as they are currently 4th having played 12 matches in the 2011 Season.… More The First Step(s)

Blast from the past – Luton Town, October 1987

This is, believe it or not, a plastic match ticket, found by Dad recently while tidying up.  Dad used to take me to Kenilworth Road, Luton for a few seasons, the Sealy-Foster-Hill- Harford-Stein side.  We saw some great games on Luton’s infamous plastic pitch, always from the very front of the terrace, right behind the… More Blast from the past – Luton Town, October 1987

Who what when how?

The fixtures are out at 9am.  I’ll be in training all day, so will miss all the excitement.  But feel free to discuss.  Does it look good?  What’s the run-in like? HOME TO VILLA FIRST UP AWAY TO THAT LOT ON BOXING DAY AWAY TO SPURS TO END THE SEASON