Exit KG

The Daily Mirror says that Kagisho Dikgacoi is going to Palace today.

This is a shame – I liked him as a player and assume he’ll grow to dominate that division – but I suppose these sorts of move will be reasonably common in the weeks ahead.  We’ve already lost Gera, Johnson (E) and Kamara, and I’m sure there will be one or two more fringe players looking for new homes.

Martin Jol’s squad is well constructed, with several players having played over 100 games for the club.  The re-birth of Ray Lew means that Jol has someone who knows the team inside out to hand (if he needs it; I get a sense that Jol knows his squad quite well already) so really it’s going to be a case of tinkering around the edges, gently bringing down the squad’s average age and managing a transition so that in four years we’re not sitting here wondering why our team of 33+ year old favourites aren’t winning games anymore.

So we’ll see what happens. The season’s early start is a little disorientating. In my mind we’re back playing again, so it feels like all the moves should have been made.  In reality the serious business doesn’t start for a couple of months. So there’s no rush.

3 thoughts on “Exit KG

  1. He’s not been lucky and probably deserved more starts but its hard to see him ever being as good as Etuhu or Sidwell.

    Our first team is so good that buying in replacements is going to be very expensive and may not represent an improvement.

    What we need is an infusion of young players capable of improving and pushing for a first team place. We seem to have a fair number of possibles under 19 but we need guys 2 or 3 years older than that and they need to be brought in to replace honest squad players that we know aren’t quite good enough or are already past their best.

    Not as nailed on first teamers now but guys who will have the ability and hunger to fight for a first team place. When Jol compliments the squad as being “nice” he may see some of this fire lacking. Too many very decent old pros happy to be back up. That’s both good and bad.

    I think Jol is like Hodgson in that its worth listening to what he says and believing him.

    He says we need more youth and pace on the wings.

    He says we have 4 strikers and don’t need more. That implies that Dembele and Dempsey are strikers which suggests to me that if there’s to be a big signing it will be a young winger and that makes the interest in the Barcelona winger quite believable.

    To create squad space though guys like Dikgacoi will have to go.

    1. Excellent points Tony. I liked KG as well but the arrival of Sidwell definitely puts him too far away from first team football to make it worthwhile retaining him.

      Good luck to him at Palace, I think he could make quite a name for himself.

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