What goes around, comes around

Ha ha ha.

FULHAM have got their revenge for Mark Hughes’ walkout by ordering his old backroom staff to work with the kids.

Coaches Mark Bowen, Eddie Niedzwiecki and Kevin Hitchcock will be told to train Fulham’s Academy rookies when they report back for work tomorrow.

The three, who joined the club along with ex-boss Hughes, remain under contract for another year as they did not have the same escape clause which allowed Sparky to quit without notice on June 2.

But there is no place for Bowen, Niedzwiecki and Hitchcock among the first team set-up.

Hughes’ successor Martin Jol has brought in Martin Lindeman and promoted long-serving coach Ray Lewington to work with him.

Is this good for the academy because they have first team quality coaches, or bad because these coaches are being ‘dumped’ on them in this way?

4 thoughts on “What goes around, comes around

  1. I think it’s great that Ray Lew is back. As for the others, they can either do a professional job, or they can decide to leave. I presume that’s the intended message.

  2. I can only see this as a good thing – I actually don’t blame the coaches at all, this was purely a Mark Hughes choice.

    They get continued employment (they havn’t got anything else to do) after being left high and dry and can leave whenever Hughes needs them again. I am sure none of them are that upset.

    The youth get top quality coaching on a more individual level.

    Win Win

  3. I suspect the simple truth is that we don’t want to buy out their contracts, they don’t want to leave without another job lined up and Jol doesn’t want them as part of his first team squad.

    These will be ordinary working guys who won’t be on mega bucks.

    So we find them coaching roles, probably temporarily, with the development squad and academy.

    It’s got nothing to do with revenge on Hughes.

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