Off to the Faroes

The team’s on its way. Danny Murphy’s staying behind, we hear, which is sensible. While a 3-0 lead isn’t unassailable, you’d assume that any selection of Fulham professionals ought to be able to go away and not lose by three goals.

These things are never certain though.  In 1984 our friends QPR beat Partizan Belgrade 6-2:

(check out the lack of crowd, by the way).

Then lost the second leg 4-0:

Ho ho ho.

4 thoughts on “Off to the Faroes

    1. They hate us in the way that we hate Chelsea.

      Chelsea of course don’t hate us because they barely recognise our existence which is our essential attitude to QPR.

      Brentford hate all 3 of us but none of us really know who or what they are.

      We all wrongly think we’re being grown up about this.

      1. About what I expected, and eloquent to boot.

        I’d love to see a retrospective on the experience while groundsharing during the brief Loftus Road era.

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