Crusaders 1-3 Fulham

A good workout for the men in white. Crusaders were competent, but not so competent that the result was ever really in doubt.

Fulham took a while to get going, Matthew Briggs’ goal giving us a valuable breakthrough. The ball was cleared to the edge of the area, Briggs got there first and took a swing, the ball flew into the top corner as if it had just left the boot of Roberto Carlos.

Whether it was the goal or half-time instructions, Fulham played better in the second half. The attacks were quicker, the players took fewer touches, and it looked as if several goals might be coming. A free-kick on the edge of the area seemed well placed for Zamora, but instead he rolled it to Baird, whose shot was well saved. Moments later Crusaders’ Timmy Adamson performed a little bit of Bergkampery in the area, right foot, left foot, bang. 1-1.

Fulham regained the lead when Zamora headed home from a corner, than scored again with a Murphy penalty, Johnson’s chip having been handled (ball to hand for sure, but when the hand’s up there it’s hard for the ref not to give these). 3-1, job done.

Plus points: Matthew Briggs – aside from the goal – showed his athleticism up and down the left, and while he’ll lose his place to John Arne Riise, clearly there’s talent in him, although I’m still not convinced he’s a left back. Karim ‘Barry’ Frei looked very lively in his first Fulham start, all twinkle-toes and balance. There’s a bit of Peter Beardsley in him, and I liked a shot he took in the first half when, having beaten defenders, he went for the bottom corner with a stabbed effort that was well saved. Otherwise more of what we know, the team showing some signs of sharpness and therefore shaping up for the new season – still a way away, of course – quite nicely.

7 thoughts on “Crusaders 1-3 Fulham

  1. Was the result not ever-so-slightly in doubt as the ball flew towards our crossbar at 1-1..?

    Frei really reminded me of Steed. Looks excellent for a 17 year-old. He should play 90 mins in all of these qualifiers.

    AJ, hardworking for sure, is scared of the goal and constantly runs away from it. Glad BZ got one – as a huge confidence player and our best player, it’s important that he scores.

    1. in that sense, yes, but we weren’t tested-tested were we? They did well and pressurised but I always felt Fulham were in control.

      Steed would be a good comp, too, of course. Frei had a bit more nip I thought, although recent more tentative Steed may be clouding those thoughts.

      Yep re. AJ, although you know my thoughts on him. Championship bound I suspect.

  2. An away win is an away win…let’s take ’em where we can get ’em. Sky sports report on record for dvr tonight…anyone have any idea when the europa games start to be shown on dtv in the states?

    1. The last two years, DTV has started with the Group Stage (September), so I suspect it will remain the same this year. It’s unfortunate we have to wait this long but three years ago we didn’t even have this, so I’m not complaining.

  3. Frei looks the dogsbollox to me. The player I thought of by way of comparison was Nasri. Perhaps I should lie down.

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