Marcel Gecov

Supposedly signed.  You can see his Transfermarkt profile here.

Defensive midfielder, young, Czech (and ginger – he and Sidwell could be a splendid combo).  Much to like here, although clearly he’s going to be down the pecking order to begin with.

I’ve always liked Czech football.  Hade and I were in Prague years ago to watch Slavia, and I enjoyed the players’ touch on the ball and overall technical ability. They weren’t especially physical, but were good to watch.  Danny Murphy has that Czech thing about him, smallish, slightly built, good touch; this is what I’m expecting from Gecov.  Time will tell but it’s an intrgiguing signing.

The other thing is that he’s young. Roy Hodgson did like older, dependable players, but this left us almost nothing from re-sale (see Greening). We need to start building the team for the future, and younger reserve players (who will then step up as required) is one way to start this.


6 thoughts on “Marcel Gecov

  1. I am happy with this signing, some young blood in the middle who is at the right stage of his career to try and step up. This is the kind of signing who is low risk, but compliments what we have at Fulham at the moment – namely a squad full of experience.

    I noticed that he was in the U-21 team of the tournament alongside the likes of Thiago and Christian Eriksen – not bad company at all.

    Someone also pointed out that he kept mr.£20m henderson very quiet in centre mid when the Czech’s beat the English, hopefully a sign of things to come.

  2. I glanced at the picture and thought it was Sidwell. With all the midfielders leaving it’s nice to see one coming in, and a young one no less. Was beginning to think Jol was going to unveil a radical new formation: 5-2-3 or something.

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