Fulham players and their agents: does this offer clues for future signings?

There was an interesting comment on Twitter today from Tor-Kristian Karlsen, a football scout. Karlsen noted that while Premiership clubs do have an overview for the world’s footballers, most are, I quote:

Tor-Kristian Karlsen
karlsentk Tor-Kristian Karlsen
many people (justifiably) puzzled that few premier league clubs were seriously in for arturo vidal (no idea if arsenal interest was genuine)

personally i think the reason is lack of contacts and connections. vidal’s agent mainly works in other markets (spain, italy)

funnily enough (and this is crazy), it often takes an agent to alert or instigate a transfer move to the premier league

many premier league (and european) clubs don’t “bother” moving for a player unless represented by someone (agent) within the club’s network

it’s not exclusively a pl problem, happens in europe as well. but if you study clubs’ signings, you’ll find clear patterns

it’s not for the lack of overview or knowledge but willingness to close deals unless player is repped by “the right people”

This struck me as interesting, so I checked Fulham players’ representatives.  Transfermarkt.de has this information, so it didn’t take long:

Player    Agency group
Mark Schwarzer (Aus)    Global Sport Group
Pascal Zuberbuhler (Swi)    MWS Sport and Music Marketing
David Stockdale (Eng)    ?
Paul Konchesky (Eng)    Base Soccer
Chris Baird (N.Ire)    ?
Stephen Kelly (Ire)    SEM Group
John Pantsil (Gha)    Base Soccer
John Arne Riise (Nor)    Einar Baardsen
Carlos Salcido (Mex)    James Grant Sports Management
Philippe Senderos (Swi)    SK Management
Rafik Halliche (Alg)    Extra Time SL
Brede Hangeland (Nor)    Rune Hauge
Aaron Hughes (N.Ire)    Stellar Football
Matthew Briggs    Andy Evans
Simon Davies (Wal)    WMG Management (SFX Sports)
Dickson Etuhu (Nig)    Base Soccer
Steve Sidwell (Eng)    Base Soccer
Kagisho Dikgacoi (SAf)    Prosport International
Danny Murphy (Eng)    WMG Management (SFX Sports)
Zoltan Gera (Hun)    Vladan Filipovic
Bjorn Riise (Nor)    Einar Baardsen
Damien Duff (Ire)    Pat Devlin
Jonathan Greening (Eng)    Mel Stein
Marcel Gecov (Cze)    Nehoda Sport
Clint Dempsey (USA)    James Grant Sports Management
Andrew Johnson (Eng)    Base Soccer
Lauri Dalla Valle (Fin)    Octagon Athletes and Personalities
Moussa Dembele (Bel)    Patrick Vervoort
Bobby Zamora (Eng)    Base Soccer

A slight tendency for Base Soccer players perhaps, but nothing that appears out of the ordinary (unless six players is out of the ordinary – what do you think?).

If the club does have a good relationship with Base – and we must assume it does – what might this mean going forwards?  Clearly Martin Jol will have his own ideas, but let’s work with the notion that Base footballers are in some way easier for the club to acquire.  Who are these players and would they be any use to Fulham?

In short, yes and no:

Here’s the full list:


Interesting names:

Aaron Lennon
Aaron Ramsey
Anthony Le Tallec
Ben Watson
David Nugent
Gary Cahill
Gary O’Neil
Harry Kewell
Jack Wilshere
Jay Bothroyd
Joe Ledley
Karl Henry
Lee Camp
Leighton Baines
Tom Huddlestone

Which explains a few things. We’ve been linked (heavily at times) to O’Neil (who I believe nearly joined us), Kewell, Ledley and Huddlestone.  In terms of future moves, the name that stands out is Ben Watson, who Colin’s stats identify as a possible replacement for Danny Murphy in terms of what he does on a football pitch.  Anthony Le Tallec would be another name, a decentish forward who may conceivably be of use. Otherwise you’d have to assume that the other players are either too good/expensive/unavailable or not a good fit for Fulham.

12 thoughts on “Fulham players and their agents: does this offer clues for future signings?

  1. If this is accurate, then it is mind boggling that clubs don’t cast their nets wider.

    Any person with a copy of football manager can get a list of names of players to look at, never mind anyone with a decent internet connection.

    Surely there must be a huge opportunity in the market if clubs are not scouting effectively? Does this mean that when people bang on about Arsene Wenger’s knowledge of footballers from around the world that he actually just bothers looking?

    1. I asked that. He replied:

      “It’s not for the lack of overview or knowledge but willingness to close deals unless player is repped by “the right people””

    2. By the way, it’s worth noting, I think, that recent versions of Football Manager have included a gameplay mechanic for player agents that (I presume, though the inner workings of that game are very complex) makes it easier or harder to sign a player depending on how good or bad your relationship is with his agent, as shaped by past transfer dealings. Now, obviously if you’re Barcelona and you’re offering some 17-year-old starlet from an impoverished country more money than he’s ever seen then he’s going to sign with you regardless, but if you’re, say, Bradford City and you’re trying to put a decent team together on a tight budget then I could certainly see it making a difference.

      Damn, now I want to go play FM. Do I HAVE to go to work today?

  2. I always like to think that there are players who haven’t fallen through the cracks, that in the EPL we are watching the best compilation of talent–or something close to it, bearing in mind of course La Liga, Serie, Bundesliga–but that seems naive. In US soccer I’m convinced of just the opposite, that an entire national team’s worth of players as good as the current national team has fallen through the cracks.

  3. This is probably what made Roy such an asset to FFC. He worked in so many different leagues with so many different clubs that his agent net was wider than Fulhams. Jol has his own net as well, and it will be interesting to see who he is able to pull in.

    Who is Riise’s agent then?

    Side Note: It was really good to see a player from Ebbsfleet United in the hundred-thousand euro range at BSA. Score one for the little guys!

  4. Bernie Mandic is Harry Kewell’s agent and not a liked figure among the Australian football community.

    Check http://www.theage.com.au/sport (Soccer section) for current information on how they are trying to milk the FFA/Melbourne Victory (and other club for that matter).

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