Fabulous goal from the fabulous Alex Morgan.

Pink balls? Astroturf?  Despite my curmugeonly ways, doesn’t it all look great?

Fine time to be a woman who likes football I’d say.  My sister was a bit ahead of her time in this, and despite being pretty good (she played a fair bit with us boys, growing up) I don’t know that the opportunities were ever really there for her to play organised games.  Times have changed though, and the women’s game seems to be on fire.

5 thoughts on “Anyway

  1. I watched the game last night. Fantastic goal from the future #1 U.S. player. I could be wrong but I think this is the only “plastic pitch” used in WPS. It’s at Harvard Stadium, home to well…Harvard Football, Soccer, La Crosse & the Boston Breakers.

  2. What a goal. I thought Alex was one of the strongest players in the WWC. It does seem to be on the rise, again. It was only a few years ago here in the US that women were graduating college with nowhere to go but abroad. Thankfully that problem was resolved and now the US is seen as an attractive destination for foreign players.

  3. BTW, the pink: It’s a special promotion for the Susan G. Komen Pink for the Cure campaign to fight breast cancer. Otherwise I’m pretty sure most of those athletes would not be into wearing hot pink. Talking to most female soccer players I think you will find they loath pink. Many of the men’s pro teams over here have done similar things also wearing pink for a particular game.

  4. Alex Morgan is fantastic. My five year old daughter, also named Alex, picked her as her favorite player as the start of the Women’s World Cup this year and was delighted each time she scored a goal (twice with one fantastic assist).

    bq – I won’t speak for all female athletes, but Alex Morgan in particular is well-known for her PINK pre-wrap headband. Reason number 31 my daughter loves her (and me too!).

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