All hail Kasami, the Daily Mail and Sky Sports specifically note that Martin Jol is hailing our new signing. So we should too. 



Here’s why:

“Not everybody in England will know [how highly thought of he is],” explained Jol.

“He is a great talent and there were a few other clubs – big clubs as well – after him. It was nice to snatch him from other clubs’ grasp.

“He is 19 but, on the other hand, he played more than 20 matches for Palermo in Serie A.

“He was probably the youngest player there that played so many games so I think he can play in our team now. He will play a big part this season.”

I’d figured he’d be a player for the future, but not so.  Exciting news, and this hot on the heels of the revelation that Marcel Gecov could play the Murphy role Jol is hardly going to say “nah, he’s rubbish. Might play next year perhaps” about his new signings, but even so, encouraging stuff.


4 thoughts on “All hail Kasami

  1. So I am guessing a new nickname has been born from this post? I would say having a nickname based off of the leader of the Decepticons might tarnish Fulham’s squeaky clean/play fair image, but I like it! ALL HAIL MEGATRON!

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