4 thoughts on “RNK Split 0-0 Fulham

    1. Hey bud – hope everything is okay. Don’t know if you’ve been to the Pub in the last week but Liam has a new 55″ LCD up with DirecTV scheduled to install the box on August 2. Time to get your liver match fit.

  1. Well Danny Murphy certainly got his come-uppance. To me, his pre match comments said, “We don’t think much of you, in fact we just regard you as an irritation to be swatted away like a fly”. Does he not realise that for RNK this was their big day, and if Fulham do what they should do and win, they should do so with good grace.

    Anyway, after a decent first five minutes we were chasing shadows for the rest of the first half. Neither Murphy nor Etuhu could exert any sort of control, resulting in the latter getting booked for a clumsy and ineffective lunge. Zamora couldn’t hold the ball up, so Johnson was less effective and Briggs couldn’t generate anything down the left. Our one ray of hope was Duff, and the fact that for all their neat interpassing, RNK aren’t very good at scoring goals.

    The second half was better but still no more than 5 or 6 out of 10. Etuhu, who looked to me like a second yellow card just waiting to happen was eventually replaced by Sidwell, who’s first act was: to get a yellow card. Kasami came on for Zamora near the end and did well to break free down the right, but fluffed a difficult shot when teammates were better placed.

    My impression of our previous games was that we had not yet gone beyond third gear. Tonight we needed to, but couldn’t. So now Jol really has something to get his teeth in to. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. It was an awful performance! No one, other than Duff seemd at all interestied. The midfield were horribly overrun, Murphy had one of those games where he was completely invisible or gave the ball away, and the defence were lucky a few times. Fortunately there’s still the home leg, but they’ll have to seriously up the quality to have a hope of going through. And remenber how to pass to each other.

    The commentary was even worse than the performance.

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