New Order at Reading, 1998.  Thirteen years ago. Hade and I were in the crowd, we’d have been 21/22, one of those delicious moments that far exceed expectations and you end up with a goose-bump evening when you just expected to see a few bands.  I mean, we knew New Order and sort of liked them, but this was transcendental. Amazing.

Thing is, they weren’t even headlining. Garbage came on afterwards, almost apologetically.  To be fair they were pretty good, but still… New Order were god-like.  Despite this, I really don’t like their records, which sound one-dimensional compared to the live thing.  Which, as I mentioned, was unreal.

Not that you need to know all of this, but anyway. Enjoy the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Moosique

  1. Wow. Thanks for the flashback. I saw them once, as a 13 year old punk rocker in Chicago at the amazing and historic Aragon ballroom in 1986 (we were too young and too cool to appreciate the Aragon’s architecture and history at the time). I had no idea the band reunited after they broke up in the early 90’s. This was the stuff of my childhood so its place in my heart in dear, but you are right of course, its a bit flat on CD these days. Joy Division stands the test of time slightly better.

  2. Thanks, Rich—New Order are/were fantastic. I only have the records (& my turntable has given up the ghost) & have never seen them live, but I have to disagree about the records being one dimensional—they are exciting, even as I head into my “golden” (lol) years.

    This song always leads me to Tempted (by the fruit of another), by another spectacular band of that time. Woody Allen did a movie about getting transported back to Paris in the 20’s—I’ll take London in the early 80’s. The music—the Clash, Ska, Squeeze, even the hair-bands—was spectacular. Of course, some thug from West Ham or Chelsea would have probably beaten the crap out of me……. so maybe I won’t go!

  3. Thank you!!! What a fantastic memory. Saw New Order a few times live (as well as Joy Division for the old school fans) and they were fabulous. One of my favourite tunes, and yes, they are god-like in their best years. Got to partially agree with Sarasota though – love the albums almost as much as the live gigs – not as good, but damn fine in their own right.

    Ps – Tempted (by the fruit of another) is another classic by the great band Squeeze: yet another classic group from that era

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