The Fulham Review 2010/11 is here!

The all new Fulham Review!

The fifth book in the series. Featuring all the usual reports, essays and statistics.

A match report from every game. A look back at Jimmy Conway, Steve Earle and Les Barrett by Nick Johnson. Kieron “Swiss Ramble” O’Connor writes about Fulham’s Finances. Mike Whalley contributes a “Last on Match of the Day” Fulham special. Dave Harris returns with another of the famous “Departing Heroes” columns. Tim Gelles has another loaner report. Don Hymel pays tribute to Gentleman Jim. And Colin Baker has another round up of player stats that you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve even got some colour pages this year, looking at some programme covers through the years. Also a new cover by John Cummins.

An amazing read, and still only £5, the same price as the 2006/07 book was! There’s value…

Order now!  Also, please spread the word anyway you know how. to get yours!

4 thoughts on “The Fulham Review 2010/11 is here!

    1. The back cover has their numbers too, a 2009/10 role of honour. Spookily I asked John to do three players in order, and the POTY voting came in identical.

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