Fulham Got No Respect; Hughes scores

Listening to the Guardian’s Football Weekly’s EPL preview podcast at the gym last night, I figured to hear a sentence or two about our season outlook. Instead, we got the last word.

As in, only the final few words spoken in the entire 45 minute podcast.

I don’t have the transcript but the last 30 seconds or so go something like this:

James Richardson: Well that should wrap things up
Barry Glendenning: I bet we missed a team
Gregg Roughley: Haven’t mentioned Fulham
Sean Ingle: Or Wolves
Barry Glendenning: Fulham and Wolves!
<end podcast>

I normally expect these sort of things to focus 95% on the Sky Five and ignore the rest of the league. Yet this was a new low. Don’t want to sound petty, but can’t say I’ll be bothering to tune in for the rest of the season.

In other news, Aaron Hughes scored for Northern Ireland yesterday! After earning over 75 caps and captaining the nation since 2003, Aaron scored his first ever national goal in Northern Ireland’s 4-0 win over the Faroe Islands.

Highlights can be found here. He’s somewhere in the photo below.

7 thoughts on “Fulham Got No Respect; Hughes scores

  1. You know, I don’t really care anymore about how mainstream media report us. I’m lucky enough to be able to go to most home games and I can read CCN and HammyEnd and Friends of Fulham for comment and views from people who actually know what the club is about.

    Occasionally it is interesting to hear a neutral or alternative point of view but I can pick that up on any of the many decent football blogs. I don’t need (and don’t want Sky), I may even stop watching Match of the Day. I’m happy to sit back and watch us go from strength to strength without the media knowing or caring. Their loss not mine.

  2. Actually, I was pleased earlier last month that Sky had numerous reports on the Europa League fixtures Fulham was involved in. I thought we had finally caught someone’s attention.
    But now I realize it was just because no other team was playing at the time.

    I’m a relatively recent Fulham fan, but I’m used to it already.

  3. The media know that there is much more interest in certain clubs so work accordingly. To be fair, the Guardian’s Fulham preview by Paul Doyle was excellent, and not just the usual Andy Townsendisms.

  4. I didn’t really mind it, to be honest. It seemed a reflection of where we are as a club. Not really in danger of much of anything. Think back to the structure of the pod when they were talking about the Premier League–

    They discussed the teams who would be challenging for the Champions League
    They discussed the teams who might be able to nick a spot in the Europa League on league form
    They discussed the teams in danger of being relegated
    They discussed the teams in danger of slipping backwards

    I don’t really think Fulham or Wolves fall into either of those categories at this point. If Fulham make another go of it in the Europa League this season, I imagine they’ll talk about us some more, but the honest truth is that this is a stable club with good players. Not a lot of flash to talk about on the pitch, and nothing really in the way of crises to navigate. I have to be honest and say that I kind of like that.

  5. Funnily enough I was listening to this while walking with my new daughter this morning and just came within view of Craven Cottage (well the floodlights) by Hammersmith Bridge as this bit played out.
    Thought it was quite funny.

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