Nice bit here on the Gruaniad site about Opta.  I tried to get a job there years ago.  About 2001.  I had an Opta handbook that maintained that the best defenders belonged to Sheffield Wednesday or someone, because their defenders had done the most.  Being bottom of the league and all.  Nothing ever came of it, but I was dead keen and not earning anything at the time so it would’ve been a good fit.  Oh well.

Anyway, worth a read.

One thing to note though: they talk about stats trends – we have all those in the Fulham Reviews.  Colin’s got several years of data on the players, and it’s fascinating to track it through.

As ever, to order.  Excuse me for continuing to push this, but we need money and also I really believe in the book.  If in doubt, please do give it a go.  You won’t regret it.

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