Numberwang in another way

New first team squad numbers are out.

The curse of the ‘proper’ numbers continues, as John Arne Riise vacates the number seven shirt recently not worn by Seol, Andranik, and… who had it last year (ed. Sidwell)?  In any case, such a prestigious number needs an equally prestigious owner, and Fulham simply haven’t come up with one.

Steve Sidwell has John Paintsil’s number four now, which seems untoward.  Not that we could retire it or anything, but as noted earlier in the pre-season, it seems a little off to give it to someone else.  Maybe a year off would have been the right thing to do.

Pajtim ‘Hail’ Kasami has taken the bull by the horns and claimed ’10’.  Good on him – I hope he’s as good as this makes him sound.  Marcel Gecov is safe with his number 15.

Who will wear number nine?

Matt Briggs has 28, Alex Kacaniklic moves into the ‘grown up’ numbers with 19, Barry Frei has 21 and Lauri Dalla Valle 24, all of which suggests some role for them in 2011/12.  Keanu Marsh-Brown has 36, which was Chris Baird’s not so long ago.  How times change.

4 thoughts on “Numberwang in another way

  1. I understand that Bobby has a sentimental attachment to 25, but he is such a classic centre-forward he really should wear the number 9 shirt. So, too, with Dempsey and #23, but he’s a classic #7. And Damien Duff should be our #11. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, so I’d really like to see a return to the old numbers rather than the “self-expressive” numbers. I was officiating a u17 girls match not too long ago and told a girl with a double-ought (half-seriously) that I was considering not letting her take the field because if she wanted an American Football number, she should play American Football ; 00 is not a proper football/soccer number.

  2. And it is NOT a proper American Football number either. Which [american football]surprisingly has a stricter adherence to number structure than futbol del mundo…wiki it.

    the Double 00 is a classic basketball’s rebel number. It says, hey, I’m different but you will remember me because I will work the living s**t out of you.

  3. Totally a balsy move by Kasami, I love it. Hopefully he pan out, although I became sold after his amazing free kick against RNK, even though he didn’t score.

  4. Recent seasons have shown that clubs don’t take the numbers quite as seriously as us fans. That said i’m looking forward to the two prolific strikers we’re gonna sign to fill the 7 & 9 shirts and the lightning quick winger who will claim the 11.

    Nice to see Riise in the correct number for first choice left back, and Sidwell in the correct number for a midfield dynamo.

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