Roger Brown

Six foot two, eyes of blue, Roger Brown is after you!

This was not the post I intended to write this week but I’ve been somewhat taken aback by the news that, former centre back and club captain, Roger Brown passed away this morning at 58 years old.

Roger signed the year I started going to Craven Cottage. He was injured on his debut, a 2-1 loss at home to Chelsea, and didn’t make another appearance until the following season by which tie we’d been relegated. He played regularly in that first year in Divsion Three and, if my memory serves, was made club captain only after Bobby Campbell had been sacked and Malcom MacDonald taken charge of the team.

The next two seasons, which corresponded with me attending nearly every home game as well as several away, he was an ever present. He scored an impressive 12 goals in 1981-82 including the header, pictured below, against Lincoln City which confirmed our promotion. His presence contributed to an incredible season in 1982-83 which saw us almost achieve back to back promotions, reaching the very brink of First Division football before failing at the last.

The 1983-84 season saw Malcolm MacDonald resign due to non-football related press allegations, and subsequently the team that had done so well systematically broken up. Roger returning to Bournemouth, the club who had given him his first professional job, towards the end of 1983.

It may not have lasted long but Roger left his mark on Fulham history. To me he WAS the heart and soul of Fulham. A lion on the field, physically tough and completely committed, but a gentlemen off it.

Rest in peace Roger.

Photo copyright Ken Coton check out more of Ken’s work via the link

7 thoughts on “Roger Brown

  1. The late Peter Thomson (Pensioner) ince wrote to me:

    Let me take you back to another night when we knew it couldn’t go right for Fulham
    Owing to weeks of snow the final fixture was after the Cup Final. One promotion place left. Fulham v Chelsea? No Fulham v Lincoln City, 2nd v 3rd in the days of two up and no play-offs.

    1-1 with 15 mins to go and Fulham;s captain and defender LES STRONG limping off. Send for teenage striker Tempest (what a name) to weather the storm as Lincoln battered us. Hammersmith End under siege for what seemed like an age. Tempest twice cleared off the line. Percy post and Billy bar performed as they did for Juve on Thursday. 3rd division crowd of 21,000 howling for final whistle terrified that Lincoln would get a thoroughly deserved late, late winner. They didn’t thanks to improvisation of Tempest. ( viz Simon Davies born again out of position Thursday}

    See Ken Coton photos of Roger Brown (blood and cigars)

    1. Brilliant. Though I have read about Tempest replacing Les Strong my memory can’t genuinely recall the moment nor how I felt. My overriding memories of that night were of being in the biggest crowd I’d ever seen at Fulham, the goal going in and sending us all into rapture and the pitch invasion at the final whistle.

  2. In the interest of accuracy it was third v fourth (Burnley and Carlisle were promoted too). But as ever the much missed Peter Thomson brings the moment alive briiliantly. Even down to 10 men Lincoln were the better side – it was arguably our worst performance of the season, as nerves got to our players. Every one a hero though, and so close to even greater glory the following season.

  3. I was his friend and son-in law to be during the last five years of his life and it’s good to hear these stories about Roger. I will be running the Birmingham Great Run October 23rd in Rogers name in order to raise money for St Giles Hospice. If any Fullham / Roger Brown fans would like to donate you can do so at

    1. Yes, good luck Peter. I have sponsored you after your post of Friends of Fulham (where I’m also known as Chopper) and will make sure I mention your Just Giving page in my next post here as well.

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