Per the official:

The Club can confirm that defender Carlos Salcido has joined Mexican Primera División team Tigres de la UANL on a season long loan.

When Salcido went the full 90 minutes in last week’s USA-Mexico friendly, I knew he was a goner. He never featured in any of the Europa League squads, nor in last weekend’s EPL opener.

And as things currently stand, there will be one year left on his deal when he this loan expires next summer. So, might as well write the obituary now.

Salcido was supposed to fill the gaping hole left by Paul Konchesky’s ill-fated departure to Liverpool. He would ultimately struggle through injury and bad form, but finished the season strong. In a season that saw five different squad members play left back, Salcido had the most with 22 league appearances, including 12 of the final 13 matches. He registered two assists, both crosses to Clint Dempsey’s head. Video reminiscences below:

Although the media focused on the language issue as his presumable out, (really, he never picked up another language after spending 4+ years in Holland?) Salcido faced an uphill battle for minutes with the signing of John Arne Riise, and the ongoing emergence of Matty Briggs (is this his breakout year?). At age 31, it makes sense he’d want to return home.

It seemed fans never warmed to Salcido for obvious, and some not so obvious, reasons. He was a topic of discussion in our latest round table, being a disappointment to most. But similar to other players who have left the squad this window, he will be missed but replaced.

5 thoughts on “Salcido

  1. I suspect the club already knew Salcido was not likely to return and acted accordingly. He didn’t have a great season under Hughes but I’m not sure that’s the only reason he’s decided to return to his homeland. I think had he stayed (and been a first choice player) he could have improved considerably with a year of PL experience under his belt and may even have benefitted from Jol’s apparent preference for advanced full backs.

    However, Riise has started well and looks set to be first choice left back for the rest of the season and I don’t think we’ll regret the change

  2. Defence is as much about organization as individual talent and that requires good communication, so the language barrier must have contributed to some of those mistakes.

    A thirty-one year old who has only played one season for us won’t be missed, and if he was homesick then I hope the move works well for him.

    What I will remember is the way he could hit a cross so sweetly with a single touch. If I was coaching youngsters I would compile a DVD and get them practising that skill over and over again.

  3. I thought that, when fit, he did a good job for us — certainly more threatening in attack and less likely to meltdown in defense than PK in his last season for us. I had high hopes for him this season, but JA Riise should be a huge step up at the position.

    I’m just hoping that Riise’s marauding — as lovely as it is — doesn’t mean that Dempsey will forage so far from the penalty area like he did against Villa. But, perhaps, that’s another thread.

  4. I never warmed to him because I thought he did a very poor job defending. With Pantsil in bad form much of last season and Salcido struggling on defense, it created a lot of wide problems and, I think, was a big part of why Fulham started out so poorly.

    His skills on the ball were unquestioned, but he had to play more conservatively at times because he lacked the recovery speed. From a footballing perspective, I’m glad to see him off.

  5. in some ways he was a step up from konch, but a full back without pace will always get shown up in the prem.

    good luck to him and his family. i heard that they didn’t settle because of a burglary of the family home…yet he’s going to a town which had 400 murders last year, and they’ve recently unearthed a couple of mass graves too.

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