Starting Slow

Hmm, Fulham lose at Wolves with a listless and insipid display in the midst of Europa matches…where have I seen this before?

Oh, yes, September 2009! (Wait for vid to load)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With just two league matches down, but 7 Europa games under our belt, it’s easy to think we’ve got a good understanding of the squad and manager. But, with no league goals to mention, bizarre squad selections, and coming off a horrid display, it’s even more easy to start panicking.

Plus, a trip to The Ukraine followed by Newcastle in the coming week does little to lift our spirits.

But here’s a newsflash for everyone: Fulham always start slow. Here’s our record in the first 5 games in the past 5 years:

2010-11: 1W 0L 4D 7GF 6GA 7PTS
2009-10: 2W 3L 0D 3GF 7GA 6PTS
2008-09: 2W 3L 0D 5GF 6GA 6PTS
2007-08: 1W 3L 1D 8GF 10GA 4PTS
2006-07: 2W 1L 2T 5GF 7GA 8PTS

So, not terrible (07-08 aside), but certainly not anything to tip your hat to.

Two matches into this season we’ve yet to score and have one measly point. Yet, we’ve conceded just two goals, something that hasn’t been the case in recent memory (remember the 5-1 defeat at Old Trafford?). If we keep that defensive record, we’re looking at just 5GA, or the lowest in over 5 years.

Obviously if our offensive output keeps up, we’re looking at 0GF. But how likely is that? Not very I’d say.

One thought on “Starting Slow

  1. It seems just a few weeks ago that I was the ogre in Fulham-land for suggesting that Jol might NOT really be the Messiah. Now my “View From South Texas” over on Friends of Fulham almost makes me look moderate in my views as compared with other comments about our new gaffer.

    By the way, if anyone sees Clint Dempsey, tell him we wish he’d shown up at Wolverhampton on Sunday.

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