Group K

Two seasons ago Fulham had to wait until the knockout stages before facing any Champions League rejects, slaying the likes of Juventus and Wolfsburg before ultimately faltering to Atlético Madrid in the final.

This season, our group is chock-full of them.

FC Twente (NED)
Odense (DEN)
Wisła Kraków (POL)

Boy, lots of red, white, and blue in these badges.

All our opponents were knocked out of the Champions League Qualifiers just this past week. Of the three, only Wisła actually won their domestic title last season. Currently, Wisła Kraków are currently mid-table in the Polish Ekstraklasa. Odense are third in the Danish Superliga. Twente are atop the Eredivisie, undefeated in three matches and conceding just one goal.

It may just be me, but there is sense of variety, a sense of adventure to this group that was not there last time around. Two seasons ago, we knew what we were up against with storied Roma. CSKA Sofia posed more of a hassle than a formidable opponent. Basel intrigued but were so neutral, so boring, so…Swiss.

Now, does anyone have any idea what to expect? Any one of the other teams could win the group, or even us, and I would not be surprised one iota.

Fixtures are as follows; we definitely have our work cut out for us to start, no?

Thu 15 Sep: FC Twente H
Thu 29 Sep: Odense BK A
Thu 20 Oct: Wisła Kraków A
Thu 3 Nov: Wisła Kraków H
Thu 1 Dec: FC Twente A
Wed 14 Dec: Odense BK H

10 thoughts on “Group K

  1. see I thought the last one was more interesting. We had the “Big Name” in Roma, the mysterious Eastern Europeans in CSKA, and the exotic (sort of) in Basel.

    Now it’s just three Northern European teams. While it’s stupid to tar them all with the same brush, there could be much less variety this time. We don’t have to travel and there shouldn’t be any great surprises for the coaching staff once they’ve done their prep, but it would have been nice to get a big name (past or present) just for the excitement it brings. As it stands we do have a great chance of not only getting out of the group, but also winning it, so that might get us the marquee tie we want in the next round (by which time we’ll be playing well again).

    1. I suppose it’s different living an ocean away, and if I was able to attend any matches I would probably agree with you.

      I probably shouldn’t be so dismissive of Roma; up to then they probably were our “biggest” opponents ever not in our domestic league.

    2. I’ll second this. I’m tickled to be able to watch Twente, stylistically and especially with their new stadium… bit Wisla and Odense don’t really have me excited with anticipation.

      The group does seem more manageable, however… which should add considerably more pressure to Jol. It was easy for Hodgson when every step taken was an unexpected surprise. For Jol, there’s a sense of been there, done that. And if the boys don’t progress from this group, I suspect he’s going to have to deal with some serious doubting from the supporters.

  2. I liked our last group with Roma and Basel, and I like this group. We’ve done well to avoid any big Eastern trips – nice for the fans (affordable) and players/our league prospects (journeys not too tiring). True, we could have had a bigger name like PSV or PSG, but Twente are pretty cool (Dutch champions two years back, runners up last year). I’ve never seen a Danish team. And it’ll be interesting to see all of Stamford Brook’s Poles in the away end when we host Krakow. We can reasonably hope to progress, too.

    Just look at what Stoke have been dealt and be thankful to Lady Luck…

      1. Eh, I think Stoke will be fine. I can easily see them winning all their home games and nicking some awful 0-0 away matches.

        Brum may want to watch out though.

    1. Jamie you are right,there is going to be scores of polish supporters at the cottage but not in away end,they will buy tickets in home end,as all away end will be booked by wisla season tickets holders and people with booking history,but the interest from polish community will be huge,just ask spurs or man city supporters about their experience playing wisla and poznan polish season ticket holder from H7 and im just hoping for no troubles off the pitch and fulham win home and away.

  3. Something about Denmark and Danish clubs in general bores me senseless. Odense must be the most ‘meh’ team we could have drawn in my opinion. Basle aren’t that bland. Maybe it’s because the Anglo-Saxons descended from Denmark that they’re a bit too similar to us to be ‘exotic’…

  4. my first reaction was that it looked quite a tough group. not in terms of there being a huge club, but in the sense that they are all very capable clubs who could turn us over. however, given the right breaks, we could also come out of it well.

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