Front End Openings Available

Turns out we’re trying to get Cameron Jerome, again. At first glance, I don’t see why we’d spend over 3 million on a striker that scored 3 goals last year. Yet, when looking at it further, Birmingham couldn’t score (something Aston Villa is currently experiencing; thank you Alex McLeish!), and we’re in dire need of a striker.

Obviously we would like youth, but that’ll come at a premium we may not be able to afford. So here are a few other strikers I can conceivably see at SW6. And wouldn’t mind either.

Carlton Cole

Honestly, why not? He’s the type of player everyone loves to rag on, almost like a poor man’s Darren Bent, but the man scores goals. Did you know he’s played for 10 different managers? I just made that stat up, but sounds true don’t it? Why not make Jol his eleventh. He presumably wants out of the Second Division, but he is a proven goal scorer at this level – unlike many of his fellow AAA compatriots that may be more ‘sexy’. He turns 28 in November, which isn’t great, but not awful.

Ricardo Fuller

If there’s one club worse off than us for unfit strikers, it may be Stoke City. But with Kenwyne Jones a bona fide starter and Jonathan Walters impressing, Fuller may find his future at Stoke a bit difficult when he returns from injury. That is, presuming Tony Pulis strengthens up front before the window closes. He’s a bit volatile, but his physicality and goals-at-all-costs attitude up top are elements to the game that we’re missing. Unfortunately, he’s 31.

Rodrigo Palacio

TransferMarkt values the Argentine at £9.7m, which is no small sum for a club like us. But a proven goal scorer in Argentina with Boca Juniors and Serie A with Genoa won’t be cheap and something worth an investment considering our record over the past three seasons without the prized Bobby Zamora. At the wrong side of 29, Palacio doesn’t really fit into our plans on going young. But like with Cole, we certainly could do older.

Federico Macheda

Macheda’s stunning winner against Aston Villa three seasons ago put him on top of the world; a leading candidate in United’s stacked youth striking corps. Now, he’s probably below Dimitar Berbatov on the depth chart. An unsuccessful loan deal to Sampdoria last season (not a single goal; team relegated) did little to improve his stock. So now would be the perfect time to buy, or lease (which is more likely to happen). Even if he is a fraction of what he once was, it’s still better than who we currently have in our “shovel-ready” reserves: no one.

Yossi Benayoun

Okay, not a striker. But he’s all over the news right now. And at 31, not really fitting in to that whole “let’s get younger!” zeitgeist we’re in. And wages will probably be a major issue. But with Simon Davies out for an extended period of time, Kasami looking bright but far from the finished product, and Duff running like an old Diesel Engine – superbly reliable, but you know once it’s gone, it’s gone – why not take a flyer on the Israeli? After a horrid time at Chelsea, we could entice Yossi with some regular PT – provided he doesn’t blow out his Achilles on international duty.

Craig Bellamy

A bit past it, but worth a “punt” as you folk like to say?

Nicklas Bendtner

Stop it.

21 thoughts on “Front End Openings Available

  1. I am basically praying that we sign Jerome. He is what we’ve needed for years now: a Zamora back-up. As Jol said earlier in the season, when Zamora is out we have to change our system. That is the worst thing we can do. We need a presence up top to whom the ball sticks, creating space for our quality attacking midfielders. Jerome fits the bill and, because of his age, is preferable to Carlton Cole. How many big, strong 25 year-old English strikers with three complete (i.e. 30+ app) seasons of premiership football and 21 premiership goals are there? And available for under 5m!?

    At the end of the season when Cole himself turned 25 he had made 148 premiership appearances, scoring 27 goals, or a goal every 5.5 games. At the same point in his career, Zamora had made 82 premiership appearances, scoring 17 goals, or a goal every 4.8 games. Jerome has made 99 appearances and scored 21 goals, or a goal every 4.7 games.

    According to the similarity scores on championship at best, here are the players most like Jerome:

    Matt Derbyshire 2010/11 Birmingham 937
    Hugo Rodallega 2010/11 Wigan 936
    Leroy Lita 2007/08 Reading 936
    Jan Vennegoor of Hesseli 2009/10 Hull City 935
    João Alves de Assis Silva 2008/09 Man City 932
    James Beattie 2008/09 Stoke 932
    Emile Heskey 2008/09 Wigan 931
    David Nugent 2007/08 Portsmouth 931
    Steve Howard 2007/08 Derby 930
    Jason Roberts 2010/11 Blackburn 929

    Not a bad skill-set for our squad to have, especially for a player still in the development stage of his career.

  2. what the hell happened to Papiss Demba Cissé? from SC Freiburg, the dude from Senegal has an awesome record! 32 goals in 51 matches, i mean he would be great player for fulham, he is only 26 years old, these are his prime years. Ok, maybe he is a bit overpriced for fulham but he is totally worth it, 13.5 mill. Another striker is Salomon Kalou, i mean y not?, he is definitely fallen from the packing order, y dont take advantage of that? Daniel Sturridge!! also a forgotten man, Nicklas Bendtner, these are quality players. Also a virtually unknown player is the Egyptian Shikabala, i have seen him play, awesome left winger, who also can play as a striker, trasnfer fee 3.5 mill, i also like the option of Nacer Chadli of Twente, please please please get someone before the transfer window closes!!

    1. According to Wikipedia Sturridge has been suspended these past three weeks from a red card he took during last season’s final match. I don’t think he’s forgotten, he’s just been unavailable. They would have loaned him out already if he wasn’t going to be part of their team this season.

      1. yes i have read the page, they say he has impressed Villas-Boas, but lets talk for real, u have Torres, Drogba, Anelka, Lukaku, and Salomon Kalou (who some say is a midfielder but lets face it, he is a striker), and then u have Sturridge, so maybe Villas-Boas gives him some playing time, but in my humble opinion he will not be a first team player ( not to discredit him, i think he is an excellent prospect), so y doesn’t fulham sign him up?

        1. Not to mention Kakuta and Mata, who mostly play on the wing but can easily slot just behind the strikers.

          Speaking of, I’d love for Kakuta to come back.

    2. Chelsea will NOT loan out Sturridge. After last season they wouldn’t dare. During the time they couldn’t get a goal from any of their strikers [second half], Sturridge was hitting double figures with Bolton. They’ll never let that happen again.

      They’ll just bury him in favor of Torres.

    1. interesting, looks to be a strong header to me, reminds me of Jan Koller, not the same size off course lol. CSKA is not going to let him cheaply nor easily i imagine

  3. Seeing all these names of strikers flying around made me look back to CCN July 2009. Zamora had completed one not particularly successful season and was about to be shipped out to Hull, while we were being linked with Peter Crouch and one Pawel Brozek. Our interest in the Pole was serious enough for you to do a detailed piece on him. He had just had a hot couple of seasons with 26 then 24 goals for Wisla Krakow. I thought, where is he now? The answer: just moved to Trabzonspor having scored only 10 and 12 in the last two years, so perhaps he wasn’t that special after all. (He’s now 28).

    I’m not suggesting that he would be remotely on Fulham’s radar now, it’s just interesting to see what a random business this is.

  4. decent, interesting read….i also saw some media coverage given to the prospect of signing papiss demba cissé and as a english viewer of french, german and austrian football think he would be a great signing. We missed the boat to some degree with demba ba (i personally believe). I personally am not convinced jerome will offer the return we need. But I have read tonight about sevilla coming in for dempsey (which doesnt make sense if he does genuinely want (and you cant really blame him, if he does) to play champions league football. Chamakh wants out at Arsenal and i think his first season was really a bedding in process (a lot of pressure was put on him, given injuries to van persie, etc at the time) I dont know what price he would be available for. I fear wage demands could price us out of many first class strikers, but if Man City could be persuaded to fork out for some/most (!) of bellamy’s wages he could be an instant hit with the fans.

  5. …..also, roque santa cruz could be an idea, but again either he would have to be (at least in part) financed salary-wise by man city for loan or take a massive reduction (not inperceivable, if he genuinely wants to play first team football) in wages

  6. Where’s Jozy Altidore these days? Was very impressed by that play where he made Jamie Carragher his b***t at the World Cup!

  7. Reckon Jason Roberts could do a job for a season or two and it’s not as if all is good at Ewood Park at the moment. I seem to remember that Fuller needed special dispensation to join Pompey because of a long term knackered knee. If that’s the case then I can’t see him getting past a Fulham medical.
    Nicklas Bendtner would be the perfect signing, but he probably has too high an opinion of himself to come to Fulham. And he’ll probably be too expensive.

    1. Not only is Fuller known for his nicked up knee, but also for his impressive arrest record… I’d rather pass on a guy with baggage like that.

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