Ruiz this then?

Okay, here we go.  Rumours are that we’ve agreed a fee for Bryan Ruiz of Twente.  Rumours are that the fee is quite high, too.

Who is Bryan Ruiz? 

A strange combination of Georgios Samaras and Dennis Bergkamp by the looks of it.  He’s  a Costa Rica international, too, which is exciting in itself.

We must expect an adjustment period, and inevitable high hopes followed by angry frustration when he hasn’t scored 20 goals by March, but as best we can tell from the videos the man knows what to do with the football.   How it works out is anybody’s guess, but the people demanded a striker and  by jove they’ve got one.

Less positively, there are rumours that Clint Dempsey is trying to escape.  We’ll have to see what happens there, but he hasn’t traveled for the US game (injury concerns we hear, although these concerns will not exist by Tuesday’s game) and there are hints all over the internets about bids this way and that. My guess is that his agent has been working hard planting said rumours but that a bid hasn’t come in yet, but we’ll see.


18 thoughts on “Ruiz this then?

  1. Hope that the rumors are true for once, Ruiz would be great for Fulham, as for Dempsey, i’ve read Arsenal, Sevilla, PSG, who knows?, but i dont think he wants to stay, so y keep him? he’s a good player, but he can bring in good cash as well

  2. Ruiz is pure class. As an American, I’ll always remember these:

    The second goal there is pure class.

    Of course though, as an American, the end of that game was the best part:

  3. The boy is hard to knock off the ball and has a great left foot. I hope we do get him.

    I don’t know why people still refer to that article 2.5 or 3.5 years ago where Dempsey said “It’s the ambition of every player in Europe to play in the Champions League,” and cite it as proof that he doesn’t want to play for Fulham.

    I’m hoping they both stay, but if Deuce does go, I hope he stays in England. I don’t get Spanish football over here, and I wouldn’t watch Italian football at gunpoint.

    Let’s sign Ruiz and get on with the season.

  4. What makes me pause for concern, and I’ve beaten this to death a bit, is that Klinsmann specifically cited Dempsey not being called in for the last U.S. friendly vs. Mexico because he needed to sort out his club situation. Obviously, odds are he’ll stay here… but I imagine it’s not a certainty.

    1. I think that was Klinsmann talking out his ass–notice how there was no follow up from anyone about that. He probably has no clue what was going on and had an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

      Now, I don’t think Clint was called into Friday’s friendly not because of the alleged injury but because what the hell is the point of flying all the way to California for a bum friendly, when you have to fly back to Europe a day or so later for a slightly better bum friendly. And then trek back to England. It’s not like Clint’s position is in jeopardy, so I’m sure everyone let his absence slide.

      1. Eh, I’m going to disagree with this.

        Klinsmann has made a point not to call in any players who potentially had moves on the horizon for the last two sets of friendlies, namely Bradley, Jones, Clark, Dempsey.

        I imagine Dempsey made mention of some potential club situation or what not.

        I mean, you still have Bocanegra being called up (right after a move, one that actually came out of nowhere) and it’s a similar travel distance. Same for Cherundolo, Edu, Howard. All veteran players traveling a similar or further distance than Dempsey for a friendly in California and one in Belgium. Donovan, in the middle of the Galaxy’s season, should be playing in Belgium as well unless he’s released early.

        I don’t Klinsmann took the travel and fixture log into account as much for this set of friendlies as he did for the last. I earnestly believe Dempsey’s been angling for a move. I don’t think he’ll get one, but I think he’s been angling for one and represented that to Klinsmann,

  5. Ruiz looks like a great buy and it will be nice to have a Bryan in the side again – even if there is a typographical difference. I know they are best of clips but he seems to have a poacher’s eye for goal and I loved the fact he rounded the keeper in one clip and didn’t fall when the goalie grab him.

    If Dempsey does move on to further his career I’d wish him well. Though we have seen time and again very few players that have done well at Fulham and gone on to greater success – I can only think of EVS and maybe Saha (I guess Smalling as well but I don’t think he counts as not first team.) Ones who have gone backwards – Malbranque, Boa Morte, Bullard, Davis etc.

    Anyhow back to Dempsey – He has been a great stalwart for the club but 5 years is a long time and if a younger player comes in so be it.

    1. Always sense that Dempsey is a little overrated, that he isn’t as good as he ‘seems’ and that if he moves to a bigger club he’ll be out of his depth. When you examine his game what is it that he is good at? Not particularly quick, not tricky/good at dribbling, ball control not the tightest etc. I suspect that his greatest asset is his American self-belief!

      Dempsey is probably at his peak in terms of value right now and if the opportunity came to realise it it would be good business for the club.

  6. Would hate to see Dempsey go, but it’s interesting that Arsenal is the team linked with him. In the past, there’s no way Arsenal would be looking to sign a player like Dempsey, who doesn’t seem to be an “Arsenal player” in the way Dembele sometimes does. But with their current situation, Dempsey feels like exactly what they need, no? A little toughness, good experience, a worker, who also can have a nose for goal. Wish we could keep Dempsey, Zamora, and still sign Ruiz though!

  7. None of the reputable outlets have even mentioned this as a rumour. I sincerely doubt that there is any truth to it. Apparently Gignac has signed a loan deal for the season. Our attacking options have gone from the poor house to the pent house overnight.

    Very well done by Jol.

  8. BBC’s live blog is saying we’ve signed Orlando Sa from Porto on a 3-year deal. The Ruiz deal seems to have quieted down. Hopefully he didn’t change his mind and sign with Newcastle at the last minute…

  9. CONFIRMED! Ruiz is a confirmed Fulham signing.

    All of a sudden, Jol looks a shrewd eye for talent. Really positive day for the club IMO.

  10. Well done Jol, Alastair, Chairman Mo and the entire team at Fulham. Didn’t lose any players, bought in some really exciting younger ones and we’re all set for onwards and upwards at the Cottage. We’ve now got a great mix of experience and youthful flair/promise. Glad we kept Johnson (I like him!), Baird and Dempsey. It’s now a great opportunity to really use the squad system to keep everyone happy, fresh and have players with different qualities. Looking forward to Blackburn in a couple of weeks.

  11. Hmm. We may have beaten you on Sunday, but you certainly got the better of us in this particular battle. Suspect he’ll do very well for you (you definitely looked short of a cutting edge on Sunday), while we’re left to enthuse about Leon Best and Peter Lovenkrands up front…

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