Blackburn preview

A tale of desperation and the struggle for points and fulfilment in a world where both seem impossible. The game highlights the emotional and physical hothouse effects that bloom for two distressed teams beginning their seasons like rats in a rum barrel: Fulham, behind a placid exterior, hide an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of mid-table safety; Blackburn are arrogant, spoiled and cynical. These complete opposites are united by an urgent desire for more and more and more and more. Triumph for one can only mean disaster for the other. Misery waits.





8 thoughts on “Blackburn preview

  1. In somewhat flukey circumstances won 3-2 last season at home (well, we deserved the win, but required a penalty for the softest foul in the box I’ve ever seen given).

    You just know that we’ll go 2-0 up and in a rare collapse lose 3-2. I know. I can feel it in me bones.

  2. Misery for both after 1–1. The games seemed easier-on-the-eye under Mark Hughes, but similiar results. Tune in at Christmas for some real fear & loathing……….. or not………..

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