A Fulham Pub, Stateside

So, there isn’t any official designation or blessing from the club, but there’s now a Fulham pub in the United States. The recently opened Liam Flynn’s Ale House in Baltimore, Maryland will be showing Fulham matches every weekend, and Thursday (provided those are televised).

Which, in my book, is grounds to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Run by the most affable pub owner you’ll meet, Liam’s is located on North Avenue and a part of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, which was recently awarded a nation-wide grant by the National Endowment for the Arts—one of just 51 across the country. Although already home to theaters, performance venues, restaurants, and other arts-based locales, I must admit the area is a little rough around the edges at night. But things are changing and as a whole there is a strong degree of buzz and vibrancy. And Liam’s is a perfect tap into that energy.

Some more info from the Baltimore Sun’s review:

Liam Flynn’s Ale House has found a way to do the Irish pub right. This new bar from the former manager of the Pint-Size Pub is everything these other bars are not: original, personable, chill and, most notably, respectful of its city’s long and rich nightlife history. Most of the bar was cobbled together out of the architectural salvage of dead venues…

The bar is made from a former bowling alley; the floor, from the store Second Chance, is vintage oak and teak tile; a nonworking fireplace was added to the darts room for effect.

A seeming underdog trying to make it’s way amidst the bigger, touristy pubs. What’s more Fulham than that? Plus, here there aren’t other footy fans doing whiskey shots at 9am on a Sunday, thankfully; just a group of fans watching and cordially discussing the game as it should be.

Liam’s has two TV’s to offer show matches for other club’s supporters’ viewing pleasure. So if you’re not a Fulham fan and want to stop in to watch a match, you won’t be shut out. However, Liam’s is also home to the Baltimore Celtic Supporters Club (Liam’s a big fan), so you may want to double check if there are several big games on when the Bhoys are playing so to avoid any conflicts.

There are 13 beers on tap, including two rotating cask-conditioned beers. Also, a kitchen is rumored to be in the works so a full breakfast should be offered at some point in the future (right now just pastries). But, really, when watching a match in the morning, I barely have enough focus left for a cup of coffee.

If you live in the area or find yourself visiting, stop by Liam’s for a pint. If it’s in the morning, come on in for a match. If you’re a Fulham supporter and doing either, you really have no excuse now do ya?

Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to Liam Flynn for his hard work in opening the pub, and Mike Murphy (occasionally comments as AEKBaltimore) for convincing Liam to morph this wonderful establishment ever so slightly into a Fulham pub. I often wonder who should be more surprised, the American- or English-based supporters.

See you on Sunday at 11am EST. And, probably Saturday too.

(Flag will hang permanently by the front door and big TV; this is the back by the smaller TV. And apologies for my idiotic smile, and if there are other US-based Fulham pubs I’ve neglected.)

31 thoughts on “A Fulham Pub, Stateside

  1. Great write-up Timmy! That’s actually a better review than what appeared in the Sun.

    Rich – there were about six of us in the Pub for last week’s Fulham match (including, of all things, a Brazilian-American fan – shout out to Fabio). The crowd swelled to 10 for the Manyoo game after (Liam’s wife is a Manyoo fan).

    This Saturday, the Pub shows its first Celtic match, so we’ll see what the turnout is like — Liam is pretty well-connected to the gaelic expat community. EPL fans need not fret, however, as the Celtic games will always be shown on the back TV (32″). The 55″ over the bar is reserved for the EPL games.

  2. Great news! I enjoy making my own english-style breakfast and watching Fulham for those early 0730 (Texas time) games. I’ll see you boys in Baltimore next time my employers send me to the beltway.

    1. Station North: a few blocks north of Penn Station (hence, the name). There was probably a big market and bowling alley in this building when you were around these parts.

      1. Thanks, Timmy. I’m already planning a trip to visit some old friends in Laurel some time in the Spring. Perhaps I could finally meet you there.

      2. Wait, so North Street is actually visitable? (Went to JHU undergrad in the late 90s). Even in the middle of the day I’d steer clear, back then.

        1. Yes, actually, it is! Again, still a little rough around the edges, but certainly nothing to keep anyone away. It’s amazing what’s gone one there in the past 5 years alone.

          1. Cool! Seems the areas around campus have much improved too since those times. Been a while since I visited, though now my brother-in-law is there, maybe I can swing a visit (to Liam’s too, hopefully!)

            BTW, since going to Hopkins back then, I have lived in a few sketchy areas, but nothing like Baltimore. It takes a bit to get me worried about a neighborhood. :)

    1. NYCottage, I’m not sure if you realize this, but there’s a decently sized group of us that get together to watch matches at Legends on 33rd Street.

  3. That’s fantastic! I am originally from the Baltimore area, went to high school there, and now live down in Arlington, VA. We recently lost our regular pub (there are 7 or so of us who would go there and watch Fulham on a weekly basis). I am thinking a field trip up to Station North might just be what we need! I am assuming yes, but do they even open for the 745 kickoffs? It’s easy enough to find places here that open at 10, but the early games are tricky. Thanks for the info!

    1. Ah drat. What placed closed down?

      He was open for that early Newcastle match a few weeks back (wasn’t that at 8am est?) so if we can get enough people in I don’t see why not if any earlier.

      We’d love a Fulham gathering of sorts! Perhaps for the Hodgson reunion/WBA match? Shoot me an email at timmyintransit(at)gmail[dot]com!

  4. I’m the Fulham fan currently hanging out in Iraq. Will be back in Balti in a month or so. See you at a match. I have an apartment at the Fitzgerald so I will be able to amble over Saturday mornings.

  5. BTW, anyone know of a Fulham bar in Boston? Plenty of decent soccer bars, but it’d be cool to go to a place with like-minded people.

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