4 thoughts on “Crosses

  1. That is incredible. Shades of Martin O’Neil’s Villa I reckon. Won’t be a bad ploy once we get up and running. Dempsey, Zamora and, from what I’ve seen on youtube, Ruiz are all excellent headers of the ball.

  2. There needs to be a note or two here about Givet. I could hardly have believed it, but Blackburn’s salvation was big Chris Samba leaving and Givet moving into central defense. After containing Duff at LB, he moved to the middle, covered for an equally nervous Scott Dann, and nipped the ball off the toes of Dempsey and IIRC Zamora on crosses that could easily have turned into Fulham goals #2 and #3. If you’re looking for a difference maker in the match, it was Givet.

    Okay, perhaps this should have been in the match report, but this thread is about crosses, so … .

  3. That’s still horrible. Does that include all the wasted corners? How many of those were there? I think only one of them found a Fulham player’s (Hangeland’s) head and that went wide over.

  4. Has Martin been reading CCN?

    “If you have 45 crosses like we had and you are only three or four times at the end of it, then you’ve got a lack of cutting edge. You have to attack the ball and be eager to score goals,” he said, saying Damien Duff might have to put more crosses in with his left foot, rather than his right foot.”

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