Ruiz needed to be much further forward, too

The idea is that he will provide that cutting edge in time. But you have to be realistic. He has to get used to the English game. There are a lot of foreign players who never cope with that, but he’s an intelligent guy who wants to achieve things with us. He just couldn’t get in the box, where he’s deadly.

8 thoughts on “Ruiz needed to be much further forward, too

  1. I think we can write off Ruiz’s performance – given he was so clearly confused / nervous / off the pace it’s difficult to read much into it (other than that Jol, as you’ve suggested, could have introduced him differently).

    Talking of chalkboards, have you seen Duff’s? Incredible wave of red as soon as he gets past the edge of the penalty area… just goes to show how he did well up to a point, but his final ball was awful. Or not reaching any Fulham players, at least.

  2. Have you noticed how off balance Duff looks when crossing with his right foot though? Defenders show him the line, he goes that way, then his cross seems all wrong. I remember when I used to watch American football you’d see this with the quarterbacks – right handers running to their left and trying to throw back across to their right, really difficult to do. It seems that way with Duff a bit.

    Yep, agree, just highlighting how far out of position Ruiz was. Can’t remember the last time a fulham attacking player had most of his touches in his own half. Why didn’t he see more of the ball when we went forward?

  3. Crosses were all near post for the greater part of the game – and not very effective for it. Agree with Rich about Duff. I was starting to think that Riise’s crosses were getting better and were in just the right areas about 30 seconds before he was hauled off.

  4. I wonder how many of the blue arrows above were ones where the Fulham player JUST beat the Blackburn man to the ball, only to lose it with the next touch. Lots of hospital balls out of the new man’s first game.

    I’m not saying he’s a bust by any means…but I am saying that he had an attrocious game.

  5. I’m planning on using this chalkboard on a post myself, but for the different reason of highlighting how off Ruiz’s touch was on passing… four of the six passes he missed were very simple, even lateral passes that he put too much pace on, seemingly clear signs of nerves. He did, however, hit a few pretty through balls up the right flank. Just all seemed to indicate, to me at least, that there’s definitely something there, but the nerves and pace were all a bit too much.

    1. I guess the issue was that the midfield was super-crowded, Ruiz was getting the ball facing his own goal and there really wasn’t much on for him. Murphy can deal with that sort of forest of people, Ruiz wasn’t able to. As you say, I think it’s more an issue of being harrassed and losing his bearings rather than passing faltering. Then he moved out to the left flank and lost his way altogether.

      Just saw the highlights today – not only did he lose the ball for the goal, he was also nearest the scene of teh crime when the player shot I think.

  6. Steve Sidwell said this on Ruiz: ‘But you can see he’s got potential, he had some great touches and once he gets up to speed he’ll be great.’

    Quite apt really, a couple of flashes of his potential but apart from that he really struggled. With time though, he’ll be fine. He’s no Elvis Hammond!!

    For those interested, our report & analysis on Fulham v Blackburn can be found via this link . We used this same chalkboard too! Great minds…

    1. In your report you say “Elsewhere for the Cottagers, Philippe Senderos looked every inch the disaster waiting to happen that you would expect from a former Arsenal defender”. !!!

      I thought Senderos was very good, and has been in most of his appearances. Whether Senderos + Hangeland is worse than Hughes + Hangeland is a different issue.

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