I get miserable when Fulham aren’t winning. The odd game is OK but the longer a winless run continues the more I begin to brood on it. Pretty sure I’m not alone in that.

The Blackburn game was a chance to put everything right, start finding that missing 10%, that final killer ball, that clinical finish in the box. A game against a side that’s struggling as much as us and, on paper, doesn’t look especially worrying. We might have dominated possession, in the second half at least, but we never looked like we completely knew what we were doing. Popular opinion suggested that whilst our early start to the competitive season might mean a long hard season we should at least “hit the ground running” and get off to a decent start. Clearly that’s not going to happen.

Expectations will need to be revised.

It took us four games with Hughes to win a game but we’d drawn the rest and were sitting 5th in the league on a decent 6 points. By the end of November we were 17th and had only averaged one point a game. It took the miracle at Stoke to lift us out of the mire and set us up for a remarkable points collection from then until the end of the season.

To coin another popular turn of phrase, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Of course none of the above probably makes you feel any better about the team. It certainly hasn’t helped me. So, how to cope. I can’t go on holiday, I only just got back from a lovely week in Cornwall. That at least enabled me to be more or less completely oblivious to the closing of the transfer window. In fact the first I heard about any deadline day deals was when Mrs Chop overheard a man in Morrison’s suggest Arsenal had signed five players. It turned out he was right, though it would be another four hours before the BBC was able to confirm this. Which just goes to show something. Possibly.

Maybe I should grow up a bit and accept that football isn’t the most important thing in the world and there are far worse things happening than my team losing the odd game. Obviously that’s not going to happen. I’m with Bill Shankly on this one.

In the end I think I’ve found the most solace by living in the past. I finally got hold of a copy of the late Peter Thompson’s (Pensioner round these parts) original book “Following The Fulham” and it has been a joy to read. A reminder that we’ve never had it so good. That we’re at the top of the game and that really, things aren’t so bad after all.

I can’t say I’m happy but I’m optimistic enough to think things will turn around sooner rather than later. We have two tough games coming up. We might not win them. There’s a good chance we’ll lose. But at least we’re there, we’re playing the best teams, not just in the League but also in Europe.

Bring it on, I’m ready.

6 thoughts on “Coping

  1. We should have done better but we didn’t. Get over it; get on with it.

    Fortunately, we did well in the transfer time period. What we are not doing well is bringing this new talent into the team and using them effectively. We will, but it may take 18-24 months (particularly the younger ones) vice 6 months.

    What I am uncertain about is the style of play that Jol wants to pursue.

  2. I did kind of ramble on a bit in a slightly “Marvin the paranoid android” kind of way.

    I think I’m particularly glum because I’m translating our current form forwards and seeing little in the way of comfort. I know this will not necessarily be the case (as I think I’ve tried to say) but my brain refuses to co-operate.

    I’ve also got a cold.

  3. These early season blues are not new. Even Roy had the same problem after he had been at the club for a while.

    We know that we have good players, so are we not just a few tweeks away from being the team we think we ought to be, and is Jol not the right man to oversee this?

    I feel fine about our prospects, but that doesn’t stop me getting irritated when we drop points against teams which I regard as inferior. The consolation is that we have the Europa League games to cheer us up (I hope) while life could be a bit dull on the home front.

  4. Nick is spot on – I think we are getting ever closer to being the team we think we ought to be. One victory, or even a surprise draw v Man City, would be enough to kickstart the season.

    At the start of Roy’s first full season in charge, there were rumours he would be sacked and Mancini installed before Christmas. We had a winless run for about a month in the autumn and the rumours were stirring. What happened? Roy took us to our best PL finish ever and into Europe.

    Similarly, last Christmas, the calls for Hughes’ head were getting loud and angry. We finished 8th.

    Jol knows is undoing 4 years of a certain style. Give him time to come good.

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