I am right with Dave below, but have found a way to put things in perspective:

– 4500 million years ago: Formation of the Earth.
– 235 mya: Evolutionary split between dinosaurs and lizards
– Giant marine ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs populate the seas
– First small dinosaurs such as celophysis appear on land
– Age of the dinosaurs
– Giant herbivores and vicious carnivores dominate the land
– 110 mya: Crocodiles appeared
– 4.4 mya: Appearance of Ardipithecus, an early hominin genus.
– 3.9 mya: Appearance of Australopithecus, genus of hominids.
– 3.7 mya: Australopithecus hominids inhabit Eastern and Northern Africa.
– 1.7 mya: Homo erectus first moves out of Africa
– 700,000 yrs ago: Human and Neanderthal lineages start to diverge genetically.
– 400,000 yrs ago: Hominids hunt with wooden spears and use stone cutting tools.
– 370,000 yrs ago: Human ancestors and Neanderthals are fully separate populations.
– 160,000 yrs ago: Homo sapiens appeared.
– 28,000 yrs ago: Neanderthals disappear from fossil record.[29]
– Domestication of animals.
– 5,500 yrs ago: Invention of the wheel
– 5,300 yrs ago: The Bronze Age
– 5,000 yrs ago: Development of writing
– 4,500 yrs ago: Pyramids of Giza
– 3,300 yrs ago: The Iron Age
– 2,230 yrs ago: Archimedes advances mathematics
– 250 yrs ago: Start of the Industrial Revolution
– 50 yrs ago: Space travel
– <2 yrs ago: Fulham reach Europa League Final
– Last few months: Fulham seem a bit disjointed

Culled from here.

So in the big scheme of things it’ll be okay.

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