Non report: WBA 0-0 Fulham

Nothing from me – I was at Dad’s for his birthday.  Saw the MOTD highlights and it looked like perhaps we were a shade unlucky: Kasami flagged offside (he’ll get his first goal soon, eh?) when it looked touch and go, Ruiz hitting the post from close in when a goal seem more likely.  Really though you wouldn’t have expected us to unlock a Roy Hodgson defence away from home and 0-0 was to be expected.

Stylewise, the chalkboards are interesting in so far as a lot of our players saw a lot of the ball and kept it:

Dembele 38 of 41 passes successful
Dempsey 38 of 44
Grygera 63 of 71
Murphy 80 of 96
Riise 50 of 66
Sidwell 63 of 69

Just some examples. We’re keeping it because we’re playing everything short  (he says having not watched the game – dangerous!), which, as we saw against City in the second half, isn’t necessarily the optimal approach at all times.

What did you think, anyway?

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