13 thoughts on “Early use of the term ‘Fulhamish’

  1. Not sure about that. I’m sure it was our telex address (remember telexes?). I can recall it on our programmes in the 60s. Maybe the above “Tel. Address” is short for telex rather than telephone?

  2. Love the way this has become folklore – an all embracing term for our ups & downs! I know many don’t share this view! What about the ‘Walgreen’ too – never used to be Fulham Broadway in the 50s/60s – but with the advent nowadays of WGDT – some may find this offensive!! Great bit of history uncovered/resurrected!

    1. A reminder of one’s antiquity. “What were telegrams, grandad?” The origins of Fulhamish were common knowledge in your and my distant youth, but emigration is a decent excuse for forgetting. The Queen still sends them (at least they are still referred to as telegrams) though whether to down under I doubt — but wonder.

        1. Yes, telegrams used to be a BIG deal – either someone had died, or you’d won the pools. Bloke on a little red motor bike pulling up at your front door, got the whole street talking. I thought telegrams had been phased out here in Australia years ago, but according to the ever reliable (;-) Wikipedia, Australia Post closed its telegram service on 7 March 2011. So not sure how the Queen’s grams will get delivered from now on.

  3. Interestingly this indicates that the term “fulhamish” significantly predates 1935. It would’ve had to have been in common usage by then for the club to use it as their telegraph/telex (i.e. the precursor to email) address.

  4. Isn’t history fascinating. I’m no telegraphics expert but from my layman’s memory (born 1953) telegrams were sent by morse code from post office to post office, printed by the receiving office and delivered by hand to the recipient, therefore expensive (I seem to remember you paid by the word) and for really important stuff only.

    In the 1970s the telex machine appeared in offices around the world. As the sender typed in their message it spewed out at the other end. This died a death in the eighties when the fax machine appeared, since augmented by email.

    Telegrams predate FFC so presumably the Fulhamish address was established around the time they started playing at Craven Cottage.

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