Is Bobby Zamora skiving?

Martin Jol sounds refreshingly honest here:

“It’s not the first time, especially in away games, he’s dropped out the night before and even on the morning before the games.

“Luckily enough he did not have the same problems in home games but you can’t manage that.

He’s right: Fulham have played six league games this season, three at home, three away.  Zamora’s played in all the home games, none of the aways.  Odd.

9 thoughts on “Is Bobby Zamora skiving?

  1. I never had Zamora down for a shirker of responsibility, but this season he has often drifted in and out of games and perhaps not put in full effort.

    I hope this is just a temporary thing because he is a great player when on form.

    I wonder if his potential reluctance to go to away games may have something to do with having a very young family at home?

  2. You’ve left out Jol’s previous sentence.

    “Bobby started training again on Tuesday but he’s not 100% yet so it’s better that he’s ready for our next game against Queens Park Rangers on Sunday.

    “The Medical team thought it would be a very good idea to load him with some extra sessions instead of playing over here.”

    Clearly, it’s not Zamora refusing or being reluctant to play, but the medical team suggesting that if he’s to last the rest of the season, it might be beneficial to get him 100% fit before playing twice a week.

    1. Do you think he’d make a comment like the above if he was just resting a player?

      It will be interesting to see if there’s anything in the papers on Sunday.

  3. You’ve let yourself down with the title of this blog, Rich.
    I don’t think professional footballers can get away with a quick phone call and a husky voice saying “Sorry – i won’t be in today. Don’t feel too good”. Works for me, but my company don’t have their own doctor looking after me.

    1. Let myself down? No, surely not? It’s a joke. a) I remembered the word ‘skiving’ from school and felt like using it. I don’t think he’s literally ‘skiving’ although it is odd that he’s missed all our away games. Also b) there is something afoot that we don’t know about yet.

      1. Ah – sorry. I didn’t read it as a joke.

        rich :
        Also b) there is something afoot that we don’t know about yet.

        This is a truism – I wonder what the future holds. ;-))

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