Odense 0-2 Fulham

Andy Johnson is authoring a curious season.  He now has six goals, all of which have come in Europe. How about that?

Not a great deal happened tonight, and we still look like a team in transition.  I was encouraged by Pajtim Kasami’s relentlessness but not his decision making; it was nice to see Dickson Etuhu back again; ditto Matthew Briggs.  Mark Schwarzer made some good saves, one, in the first half, being outstanding.  On the debit side Philippe Senderos had a weird night which suggested not all was entirely well in his world, Damien Duff seemed quiet, and Danny Murphy blew hot and cold.

Odense – sporting a Wigan Athletic style dull blue and white striped outfit – were a reasonable lot but aside from the odd scare here and there really didn’t cause Fulham enough bother, and will be immensely disappointed to have lost a home game so softly.  We ought to beat them easily at the Cottage, Wisla Krakow look poor, so progress in Europe at least looks very achievable. And with Johnson up front, who could possibly stop us?

5 thoughts on “Odense 0-2 Fulham

  1. The win is very welcome, but I don’t think this performance would pass muster against a premier league team. AJ was an exception, but too many other players were below par and as a team we looked vulnerable when under any kind of pressure.

    Duff once again looked happier when he switched to the right later in the game.

    I don’t feel as confident about Sunday as I would like to be.

  2. While I can’t imagine today’s performance really means much about our Premier League outlook, 12 11 or 13 points and advancement from the group don’t seem too far-fetched at this point.

    Sunday would be a great time for the first league win of the season, though.

  3. AJ’s goals were great but he would never get that much time on the ball anywhere in England. I hope he scores a bunch of goals in the league but i’m not counting on it.

  4. The crucial difference in the teams for this match was in the goalkeeper. Schwarzer would surely have stopped both AJ’s shots. I’m glad we had him playing for us last night.
    Still – nice to see AJ showing good form. The way he stretches a defence reminds me of the under-rated Phil Boyer when he was at Norwich. You could see the centre-backs thinking “Oh no – off to the corner flag again”.

  5. I am upbeat after this win for several reasons:

    1) We beat a good team without getting out of second gear
    2) We won away
    3) We won without Zamora and looked alright (possession wise)
    4) We won without some potentially key players – Dembele, Zamora, Ruiz (who would have had a field day)

    Not the best performance, but a victory that should cheer up the lads for the big encounter on Sunday.

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