It’s oh so quiet

The International break means there’s little Fulham news to talk about. England did what they needed to do and qualified for Euro 2012 but the press had a field day over Rooney’s sending off. How perfect for the British media that the man most in the spotlight should rise to the bait and give them something to write about. With hindsight I should have put a bit of money on it.

The interruption to league football must make it difficult for all league clubs to maintain momentum but it’s probably still the best solution to fitting the fixtures in. It’s frustrating though that we get hit by two pauses so early in the season. Meanwhile, the Rugby World Cup is in full swing down in New Zealand. Wayne Rooney might feel at home there, at least he’d have someone to share the burden of press admonishment. English clubs in the Aviva Premier League have, however, continued to play. Did it used to be like this in Football too? I know we didn’t always have the long break in league football, but back then Fulham internationals were few and far between.

We’ve actually only got eight first teamers away so the club might not be completely devoid of life. Zamora & Stockdale didn’t feature in the England game and with no mid-week match will be on their way home already. Damien Duff played 75 minutes in the 2-0 win over Andorra, whilst Stephen Kelly remained on the bench. They have their final qualifier in Dublin on Tuesday night. Chris Baird played 90 minutes in Northern Ireland’s disappointing loss versus Estonia. Philippe Senderos picked up an injury in training so failed to play for the Swiss, Moussa Dembele saw 90 minutes in a 4-1 win for Belgium and only John Arne Riise will line-up for Norway against Cyprus as Brede Hangeland is suspended.

Despite this, I read that Martin Jol had returned to Holland for a brief break. I have visions of Motspur Park being like school when the headmaster isn’t in and no-one has worked out exactly who’s in charge. Lots of running in the corridors, kids playing practical jokes and the occasional fight.

If you’re struggling to fill the gap left by a lack of Fulham then perhaps you might enjoy this
interview with Joey Barton on the BBC (apologies to overseas readers). You might not like him very much but I think he’s a decent footballer and has a more interesting view of the game than many of his English peers.

14 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet

      1. Typical…. like like a modern footballer to only cherry pick from a big name like Nietzsche but not take the time understand the foundation of the deviation from rationalism in Kant’s work.

    1. Err … I totally forgot Clint!

      Also figure Briggs, Kasami, Frei could all be away with U21s and probably some others I missed out too.

    2. HammyEnd seems to cover/link to news stories so we don’t tend to do that sort of thing anymore. Unless it seems particularly interesting. Not that everything on CCN is interesting. Far from it. But we do try.

        1. Yes – I kind of got sidetracked on to that bit – this was supposed to be just an aimless ramble. Slightly shabby, half-hearted attempt to fill the gap with some random comment. I think I’ve pulled this off?

  1. My opinion, fwiw, is that Joey Barton comes over pretty well. Despite his past, I was one of the few who wished we had signed him. Everyone deserves to make good their mistakes, and he does seem astute enough to do that. Bloody good footballer too as Rich says.
    I hope he gets another England cap (post Capello). Just my thoughts – feel free to disagree!

    1. I agree, he does say that he likes to “push people’s buttons” and I reckon he could still get himself in trouble again, but he’s a quality midfielder and clearly not someone who follows the crowd.

      I think it may be too late for him at International level but wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a decent manager.

      1. I can see a Roy Keane type future though. Interesting man though. (supposedly got really good GCSEs, which, given his background was pretty amazing).

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