6 thoughts on “Non report: Stoke 2-0 Fulham

  1. Watched it on line, fair result. We didn’t pass the ball and create much and resorted to either defend our way out or hoof the ball up for AJ and Zamora to chase. Stoke played their usual physical game, Shwarzer looked out of sorts and vulnurable. We lost our rag at the end and were gettng boked left, right and centre. Quite a let down after the QPR game.

  2. Pretty easy to tell which team had a full squad of internationals away for the past two weeks and which team did not.

    They were very focused, we never got off the bus.

    Not surprising.

  3. just watched the game on foxtel, in Aus… Started quite brightly, with nice neat passing and we got in thier box quite a bit in the first 20 mins and were looking dangerous, then Stoke had some pressure and a few chances, which leveled the first half off. then it seemed that alot of our passing game went to pot after Dembele went limping off – they didn’t show what caused his injury on the tv, but we’ve seen him get imtimidated by the more aggressive teams before and maybe he just wasnt up for it?
    apart from a fantastic free kick which hit the bar and upright at once, Riise was pretty poor and wasted some good space and opportunities, Zamora had a few sloppy touches, Sidwel didint look at his best, gave away silly fouls and Murphy grew more and more frustrated with the ref / stoke tactics / fans booing, and retaliated with some poor challenges. Schwarzer had a mare… game to punch crosses on about 4 occasions and missed, Crouch was doing his best to put him off on occasion but not an excuse for his really poor distribution, cant help thinking we’d be better off with Stockdale. both their goals were poorly defended but the first had been coming after some sustained Stoke pressure, untill he needlessly fouled to give away a free kick on the left of the area for their second, I thought Baird was having a solid day, but 15 giveaways? maybe not… ah well we’ll surely win in Poland then stuff the toffees next weekend

  4. Not the same team we saw 2 weeks ago.

    To say our performance was woeful would be an understatement,we were out-performed in every aspect of the game (except for free kicks – that Riise FK was easily one of the best all season from anyone – pity the woodwork got in the way) and didn’t deserve to take anything from the game.

    It’s not only that Stoke played with more urgency or passion, or that they are a physical team, it’s just the Fulham players just didn’t appear to want to be there, and their lack of passing, tackling and effort displayed this clearly. The return of Hughes to join up with Hangerland turned out to be less than what was hoped for, and we can only hope they gel for the Toffees visit to the Cottage next week.

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