Chairman Mo Does His Damn Thing

Per the official:

What a strange man Mark Hughes is. Sacked by Manchester City, he was becoming a forgotten man when I rescued him to become manager of Fulham Football Club.

Even when results were bad, I did not put pressure on him. I gave him every support — financial, moral and personal.

He fully negotiated a two-year extension to his contract. On the day he was due to sign, he walked out without the courtesy of a proper explanation.

And now he insults the club, saying it lacks ambition, and the players who delivered an 8th. position finish last season and a place in the Europa League.

He is not just disrespectful but entirely wrong. Fulham has just announced plans for a splendid new riverside stand that will substantially increase the capacity of Craven Cottage.

In every aspect of its work, Fulham is a progressive club with a top manager in Martin Jol, the man we had really wanted when Hughes was appointed.

We shall endeavour to prosper without him simply because, when the challenge came, it was not the Club but Mark Hughes who lacked the courage and ambition to take on the task of leadership. If people are looking for a flop, they only have to [ed: look?] no further than the man who has lost his spark.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Al Fayed,


(if it’s not cuing appropriately, just go to the 7:48 mark)

6 thoughts on “Chairman Mo Does His Damn Thing

    1. Odd that the official website would not reproduce that letter, which reads much better, word for word.

      I wonder about our website management at times.

      Still, huge thumbs up for Al Fayed. He’s put a smile back on my face!

  1. Wow, what a great response by Al Fayed. I love it.

    It’s not been a good month for Hughes between this back & forth, his defense of Tevez’s rebellion and now City soaring to new heights under Mancini.

  2. Fantastic. Cop that Sparky. I think he’s also right. If Mark Hughes is really ambitious, then he needs to realise that he still needs to prove himself, by putting in some solid years of management, and showing that he can take ANY club, and build it into a high performing club. Doesn’t mean they have to win the league – they just have to be a lot better than when he came in. Another 2 years at Fulham would have gone a long way to doing that for him. What he lacks most of all is patience.

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