Next up are Wigan, who are “eyeing a better run of results boost”

When you look at it this way Wigan couldn’t really have done a lot worse.  Curiously, the fixtures computer donated them three games against the division’s promoted clubs to open up and Wigan drove home that advantage to the tune of five whole points.  But here they are, six games later, still sitting on those five points.  Put another way, they’ve lost seven matches in a row (one of which was in the league cup, just like us).  They haven’t been batterings or anything, but it’s a terrible run.

The question is: “can Fulham keep that run going?”

History would suggest not – we tend to draw up there – but honestly, this must the moment when Fulham make a bit more “6-0 v QPR” style noise.  Wigan are a bad team and have been for years; we need to make this one count.

5 thoughts on “Next up are Wigan, who are “eyeing a better run of results boost”

  1. My expectations in these situations are always that Fulham will lose, as Everton proved the other week.

    The longer a winless run goes on the more determined a team is to end it and, for whatever reason, we’ve never been very good at following form.

    I’m scared we’ll lose, I’d settle for a draw.

  2. We will lose and the usual suspects will be calling for Jol’s head.

    The real question is – if our run of terrible form continues, what happens to Jol? Do we get rid and go for our 4th manager in 3 1/2 years, or stay with him and continue the rebuilding project?

    I like Jol, and think we *should* be fine this season, but we need to be given something by both him and the team to get behind.

  3. Their home loss to Bolton is the only bad bad result in there, though. And, as Chopper says, they’ll be seeing this game against us as a huge opportunity. We never win these games. I’d also take a draw.

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