Not Fulham Related (again): some more pictures

The old penguin enclosure, London Zoo, where people had watched penguins since 1934

Bojanglez Nightclub, Guildford, where people had listened to terrible, terrible music for god knows how long just because it was there (we went every Wednesday when I was at university down that way.)

Interstingly, the latter has since been broken into and explored.  Look:

There we go: some sort of metaphor for all that is good and bad with the world, with the penguin enclosure still beautiful and the nightclub perhaps resembling the set of  some post-apocalyptic theatre production called “Rotten to the core: how shit things will always end up shit”, which is another good life lesson perhaps. (Not that nightclubs are bad and penguin enclosures are good, just that these ones represent those two polarities quite well).


5 thoughts on “Not Fulham Related (again): some more pictures

  1. When I’m having a big night out, I know that the most important aspect of choosing which club to go to is whether or not they do a quiche slice.

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